Monday, October 31, 2011

The Night Before NaNo...

Tonight, as I settle in for cheeseburgers, candy and GHOST HUNTERS LIVE I am also itching to get going on NaNoWriMo. The tale I've got to tell wasn't chosen because it's the next big thing, although it seems like agents are asking for post apocalyptic tales a lot these days. And it's not just because I saw a gladiator style romance on the racks at Kroger either.

I have been desperately searching for the idea that would fuel my create fire for 30 straight days and lead me to the promised land of 50,000 words. But finding the characters and setting for a story is a little like falling in love as opposed to baking a cake where you have all the ingredients follow the directions and poof you have a cake.

Sometimes love happens instantly but sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's a combination of things with that one extra something that makes you know you're on to something. I think sometimes we as writers sound full of ourselves trying to make sense of something that defies logic. Writing is not a logical process (cake) it's an emotional one (falling in love).

And when I read the synopsis for the YA Legend in Writer's Digest  about a futuristic earth where a young girl prodigy uses her skills to hunt down a child criminal magic happened and GLADIATOR was born.

Set in a post apocalyptic future where men and women are treated and forced to fight like gladiators of yore GLADIATOR tells the story of Tristan Shane a man who witnessed the murder of his wife and is forced to deal with the loss of his children by fighting weekly in the Royal Arena for his life and the entertainment of the court and mob which remains of the United States population. Favored by the Queen he is asked to first gain the trust of a suspected Healer and then murder her. When he refuses well, that's what the book is about and I'm a pantster so I won't know anything else until 12:01.

Until then I will be enjoying Ghost Hunters Live and supper of cheeseburgers. Happy NaNoing!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Release Day!

Yesterday my first book from Muse It Up Publishing was released:

A tale of forbidden love between a half-breed alien and his human lover it is available at for only $2.50. It is a sci-fi erotic tale passion, loyalty, and love against the odds.

I celebrated at Red Lobster tonight with my parents. Some will find in my stories that parents aren't always the kindest or have serious flaws that make them more of a villain than a hero. I mine my own history quite often in dealing with backstory and then embellish. But tonight I was just reminded of how much sometimes that I don't have to embellish.

My parents picked me up and we were all talking. When I said something that my dad perceived as the worst thing ever and unloaded on me. I asked him if he was lecturing me. If I were living at his house and constantly asking him for every last dime (which I DON'T and do not do) I might have understood the reaction. I'm 36 and it's not easy to make me cry but he unloaded on me like gatling gun and reduced me to tears. I then had to sit for an hour and eat with him and act like everything was okay. 

It was as if he took my loneliness and kicked me in the gut with it. I love my dad, but the way my parents are, I don't know if I can do this anymore. Mom's 60 and dad is 59. My best friend just lost her father last year. To be honest I know society says to honor your parents but when they so clearly do not respect you I think you have to put distance between you and them. And to use their cruelty as fuel for the creative fire...I make no apologies for how dark my stories can be (No Ordinary Love is not a dark story, it's a romantic, steamy read for anyone looking for a knight in shining armor). My life is often troubled and rocky and to listen to my mother tonight deny what her brother did to me that took the joy out of the evening as well.

It's nice to know I belong to the Muse Authors and have friends here around me. I often feel deserted and lonely. Help me celebrate the release of my book No Ordinary Love and leave a comment here. Those who do will go into a pot for a tasty Halloween treat. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My First Realease: No Ordinary Love

I know I haven't been on in a while but I've been writing getting rejections and writing some more. Ah, yes, the life of a writer. Well on a brighter note next this Friday I am about to have an auspicious celebration, but first publication date. It's not what I typically write, but then I write a lot of stuff so typical is well, a stupid catch all phrase in this case, what I mean is that it's not my usual genre.

No Ordinary Love tells the story of James, a half-breed Capturian alien, and Caliope a human rebel. Brought together by outside forces they fall in love. Torn apart by the war No Ordinary Love brings them together once again to bring forth what may be the Earth's only hope. Their daughter Destiny.

The time I've been away from my blog I've been recharging my batteries so to speak. Somewhat burned out I've been running and walking and preparing for the Thanksgiving Day 5 miler. In which I will get to run up a mile long hill as part of the race. Of course I've tweaked my knee in the process. I was going to do the the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon but I am only on track to do an 18 minute mile as opposed to a 15 minute mile. I've taken 13 minutes off my mile and lost 34 pounds so I feel good about that but am very disappointed that I missed my goal of the half  marathon. But there's always April and the KDF Mini. Another half marathon held in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby Festival.

My book is set to be released this Friday at Muse It Up Publishing and other vendors so be on the lookout for it. I hope you'll enjoy a little sci-fi erotica and have a good time. After all I hope to have the opportunity to write more for you in the future.