Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When Editing...

I wish I could say I was the most mature person in the world when it comes to editing. And while I think I am pretty pragmatic about things, every once in a while I too can be difficult if the issue is something I feel sore spot about.

Two things. Age difference and abuse. Dealing with the latter's subject matter can be difficult. And feeling a personal connection to it sometimes I take the critique's personally. What I have to remember is that this person doesn't know me or my history. They're just looking to make the story better. As for age difference and who has a problem with it. I think it's a generational thing. I noticed the older men and women in my life have more of a problem with it than say the younger ones. What I have to  remember is I want a wide swath of people to read it. Still some things I am willing to fight for.

That being said I think I have the most awesome editor in Austin. He's there to answer my questions and give me guidance on which direction might be best to take. He allows me to find my voice in those suggestions. Yes, he's a guy and my background is in subgenre romance/subgenre erotic romance but he helps shore up my skills and make sure it's not just a wallpaper thriller in the sense there's a few tropes and a fat romance in the middle of it. It makes the writing harder, but in the end it makes me a more skilled writer.

Also, a shoutout to Denise for making the looong trip from Maryland to Kentucky for one of the more..interesting Cons I've been to and calling me gold. Even if yesterday was rough I came out the better for it.


Author B Swangin Webster said...

This is a great post! Although I know it is hard to separate real from fiction sometimes, in order to be a great writer, we have to pull ourselves out of the story and do what is best for those characters. Living within the story is for reader, not the author. The author's job is to mold those characters into the best character possible. Kudos to you for taking the advice of Austin.

Unknown said...

Oh during the first draft I live the story I am the heroine. It's in the editing that the advice is taken. I'll be honest editing is not fun for me. LOL

Unknown said...

YOu're not alone, Amy. I feel your pain.