Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing Elise VanCise & Rose Wade

There are people whom I've been priviledged to meet along the way in my writing journey. Yesterday I chose to feature my publishing house and my Muse Sister Karen (thanks everyone for leaving a comment I hope those who didn't checked the Chaise Lounge out and the Muse links) but today I'm featuring ladies I met through a more unique avenue a fan group. So without further ado allow me to introduce my best phone friend Elise VanCise and her sister of the heart Rose Wade.

I met Elise through the yahoogroup Adrian's Angels. (If you're a fan of Adrian Paul I highly recommend you check this group out I was doing I dared everyone on the list to do it with me. Two people responded, only Elise actually did it. We started exchanging emails and pretty soon we were chatting on the phone. We became fast friends.

Not only that but let me tell ya' this girl is ubertalented--she's written and self-published three books, her most recent one, HALF, is being featured at the Lake County Book Festival where she is teaching a workshop on, what else? Writing a rough draft in thirty days. Not only is she a gifted writer she is a gifted graphics lady, I often hire her to do work for me. But I pinch every penny to do this. She doesn't charge thousands of dollars but with her kind of talent I believe she actually could. Most recently we worked together on a book trailer I'm in the process of securing the rights to, she has proven herself quite an editor as well. If you're looking to see some of her work samples check out,, and her blog And if you want to hire her she can be contacted through her Designs website.

Now let me tell you about Rose Wade, the other part of Elise's brain, her  Sis' of the heart. Rose, like Elise is a mother and a writer and an activist for her child. She is a brilliant writer, check out her blog Other Ways of Writing and activist and founder of the which campaigns for the use of legos to help the social development of children with autism open up to others. It's a beautiful campaign led by a wonderful and passionate woman about her child and other children.

They are at work on several writing projects and have even received recognition for some of their writing. Until next time, as Elise likes to say happy scribbles!

Elise likes dark chocolate, a man's man, and still like to color. :) She's a native Floridan addicted to weaving words, and capturing the moment with her camera as a writer/ photographer. She's a graduate of the American College of Journalism, Lake County Municiple Liason for NaNoWriMo and five time NaNoWriMo Winner. Mentioned in Who's Who of Women in Publishing and Writing, Featured author for the Lake County Festival of Reading in 2007, 2008 and 2011. 
The usual stuff first: Married to a wonderful man in the Air Force, mother to two children; a daughter who makes cool origami, and a son with Autism who can make practically anything out clay. The interesting stuff: Wade isn’t her real last name. It’s a pseudonym and one of those secrets that she won’t tell, lest she’d have to kill you. She loves dark chocolate, the scent of coffee (though she can’t actually drink it), and has a curious interest in bones and all things forensic. Once a high school dropout, she earned degrees in Criminal Justice, and Psychology while moving back and forth across the country wherever the Air Force decided to send her family. She hopes to find the time to put all of her art supplies to good use, win her 4th NaNoWriMo, and publish her first novel. In the meantime, she continues to work daily with her writing partner and sister in heart, Elise VanCise on several writing projects.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Karen Cote of Karen's Chaise Lounge!

Let me tell you about the coolest publishing house I have ever been privvy to be a part of, MuseItUp Publishing (,, and I'm not saying that because I'm contracted with them, I'm saying that because it really is a great place to hang your hat. There are people getting in on the ground level of a great thing. There's Lin Holmes, her daughter Kat, Nancy, Heather, and a whole host of people who have made me feel more welcome than I could have ever imagined I could be made to feel. Of course there's Lea, our fearless leader, who runs this company, keeps us in check and makes us feel like family in such a way I didn't think it was possible.

But I want to take time to talk about someone who has gone out of her way to make me feel special and that is the author of Erotic Deception and host of Karen's Chaise Lounge, Karen Cote. Her book isn't out until October but you need to keep an eye on her. She's funny, witty, and is ubertalented. I for one can't wait to get my hands on her book.

Karen is sweet, tart, and I hope to get to meet her at the First Annual Muse Conference in Montreal this November. I may have to squeeze every last dime and pinch every last penny for the next 8 months just to pull it off, but I will be there, with bells on. Oh and did I mention I would be going virtual on her Chaise Lounge on April 11th?

Karen has had several guests already and has a lot about her own book and characters at the Chaise Lounge. Lin Holmes has stopped by as has Roseanne of Muse. Bonella and her friend have made appearances and Karen's sense of human is on full display.

So why don't you hop on over and have a look see and leave a comment. And tell her what you think. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In A Series Should A Heroine Live

I know the rule of thumb in straight up romance is that the heroine always lives. I've always contended my book was a dark romantic suspense and that things that aren't necessarily romantic happen to the hero and heroine. And in this case I'm struggling with a very unromantic premise: Death.

I adore my heroine and have already spent time with her in a previous book. And I suppose it's only fear holding me back. Fear of what my publisher will say. Fear that hard won fans will reject the book I so want them to love.

The only thing not letting go of me is the hero and he is angry to the point of rage filled where nothing else matters. He doesn't care about about anyone or anything and all that he wants is for people to feel pain. The one who had pulled him back from that empty existence was the heroine. It is the only thing I can see driving him to that point again.

So I guess I really fear not being published. Which doesn't make me special. It makes me about as typical as the next writer lol.

Check out MuseItUp Publishing !

Friday, March 25, 2011

That's All Folks!

Well, my series was a short story and it came to an end. James and Caliope had to come down if Iwas going to submit them to a new home. And who knows maybe they will continue their adventures at a later time. But for now they're down and looking for a new place to set up shop. Here's hoping they will find a place to call home!

Happy Scribbles

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been told one should offer free reads in order to build readership. Well I've seen enough of Daniel Craig's body to fantasize about doing an erotica where my hero looks a lot like him lol. And I'm dying to see Cowboys and Aliens this summer. So I thought why not cut my teeth on a free Sci-Fi Erotica to learn my craft.

Not because I think the market is exploding (please pardon the unintended pun) but because I actually want to write this story at this time. Who knows maybe it may be become more than just a blog?

I encourage feedback and comments because I've never written in this genre before and am really looking to have a great time and give everyone as entertaining a read as possible. If it's crap the first time around that's fine, but I would like to be armed with the pre-requist skill to make it a better story on the rewrite.

That being said please be gentle with my new couple, to quote Conway Twitty, they've never been this far before ;). Here's the link:

Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Oh My!

As I once mentioned in my other life I am an indie filmmaker. Which means I am not only captivated by books, but movies as well. I love the intimacy a small film affords, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good blockbuster. Titanic? Gladiator? The Last of the Mohicans? Awesome movies all.

Let's look at the movie I can't wait to see this summer. COWBOYS & ALIENS. Now while I don't read comic books, okay, graphic novels, I never saw the point in the name change I respect a good story no matter what format you're telling it in, this premise intrigued me. A man with no memory. A nasty lawman. The wild wild west. Good potential already. Add superstars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, add a huge twist with aliens and ufos and viola you have potential summer movie gold. And with Jon Favreau directing there's out of this world excitement surrounding this picture.

Once upon a time I was in love with Harrison Ford. Now my fickle heart beats for Daniel Craig lol. But I love great acting and perfect casting and if the preview is ANY indication as to the excitement level we can expect then I think we're all in for a real treat.

When I told my writing partner I wanted to see Daniel Craig's next movie and that it was a Sci-Fi Western she said drily, "That's because when I hear Sci-fi and Western it screams Missy go see it." She'll go see it because Daniel's in it for my sake but upon seeing the preview she said, "Could be interesting." Which when it comes to Science Fiction means I'll keep an open mind from Missy.

The amazing thing is, it's inspired a character clamoring to break free, a half human, half alien resistance fighter in a science fiction erotica or romance. I'm not too sure which it's going to be.

Until next time follow the link:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Excerpt: Another Way To Die

Chapter One
     If I had seen Daniel Logan coming I would have run on instinct alone. Six months into training for a marathon and I was strong enough for the race. Fast enough to compete. And steady enough, had I had a gun I would have never gotten into this situation.
     My heart was pounding as I crested the hill, pushing myself hardest at the end of the run. And no matter how many times I did it, it was always hard. My mouth was parched, I was out of Gatorade and even though it was still freezing outside I was sweating as if it were ninety degrees.
     I was fast, but I was no match for Daniel. He ran like a fucking machine and even though I prided myself on listening for footsteps coming up behind me he came barreling out of the woods and at me it startled me, so I charged at him sending us sliding down a patch of ice.
     I slipped free and fumbled for my keys propelling myself into a blistering pace. The adrenaline kicked in and memories from a night long ago flooded me. Slipping out a window into the dead of night. Running through the streets. Through the woods. Running until I could run no more. I had run fast that night. I ran even faster now.
     My fingers were numb, I couldn’t even feel my car key as I approached my car. I’d often curse the piece of shit when the heat wouldn’t want to work. I didn’t care about the heat now. I just wanted the thing to start.
     My hands were shaking so hard I dropped my keys to the ground. “Fuck.” My voice was trembling and it felt like the ten years I had lived a free woman were coming to an end. And that my father had finally managed to find me. I scooped up the keys and as I slid it into the lock and felt the cold barrel of a gun press into my back.
     When he spoke his voice, cool, clipped, and accented, he wasn’t from Kentucky, he wasn’t even from the States, he was from England. “Just get into the car and everything will be fine.”
     Well, if Jack had found me, fine, but I wasn’t about to go anywhere without a fight. I hurled my head backwards and smashed my crown and caught him in the chin. Stomped on the instep of his foot, and elbowed him hard in the stomach, taking the wind out of him. I managed to wiggle part of the way free before his hand closed around my wrist like a vise. He whipped me around and fixed me with a cold, glittering, set of ice blue eyes.
     “You are coming with me. If I leave you here--,” shots punctured the quiet morning air and we both looked to another man, this one with jet black hair, had his gun drawn and was closing ground, fast. “You get the point. Now get in the God damn car.” He shoved me and a split second later my collarbone was burning like it was on fire.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

Live in the state of Kentucky you learn real fast that the state past time isn't baseball, it isn't hockey, it isn't even NASCAR or football. And it's especially not professional sports. They've tried that gig many times and the professional world has made it clear: they're too good to come to our lowly state. That's okay we have our gig, it's called COLLEGE BASKETBALL and we even have the marquee rivalry when it comes to that. We have the Lousiville Cardinals vs. the Kentucky Wildcats. And even though I've bled blue since I was knee-high to a grasshopper there are just as many who bleed red and black for the Cardinals.

But it's this time of year with the swagger and trash talk all comes to a head and it's really put up or shut-up time. March Madness is akin to a second Christmas and on Christmas Eve, better known as Selection Sunday around here all the Wildcats and Cardinals and some of the smaller colleges in the state are sitting and wondering, will we go to the Big Dance or will we be sitting at home. And still others are just thinking, where will we be going?

Kentucky went to the East to face Princeton. They are a 4 seed. When they were picking Kentucky teams to take a deep run into the NCAA Tournament the more popular team to throw the weight behind was Louisville. When an SI reporter picked Kentucky "a surprise" to come out of the East even I was shocked. This hasn't been their best year, as evidenced by their 2nd round game versus Princeton. Turn the ball over that many times against a more talented opponent and it will be on the bus for a return trip home. Just ask the Cardinals who didn't make it out of the 2nd round to another Kentucky team the Morehead State Eagles.

I have to give a shoutout to MSU, I went to their band clinic for three years when in high school. They literally had a Tom's Diner on the Corner. Suzanne Vega knew what she was talking about.

But Sports Illustrated? I hate them. And Seth Davis. Any Kentucky fan worth their salt does. Google those names and you'll see why.

What I'm getting at is that, persistence pays off. So any of you watching those games at home and writing about them. Keep at it. Eventually, your time will come. Just ask the 'Cats (7 National Titles, 27 Conference Tournament Titles ect.). The Cards (2 National Titles). And to add to the roster this year the Morehead State Eagles ( a chance to go to the Sweet Sixteen!).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Progress Not Perfection

There's a saying in the program, we strive for progress, not perfection. And when I follow it things seem to be more balanced, and I actually get more done and have more success than if I try to nail everything down all at once. And not just in the way I approach my eating but in the way I approach my writing and life in general.

My Higher Power has blessed me with a publishing contract from a great publishing house. I had no idea when I was chatting Lea up at a Digicon workshop that I would end up MuseItUp. I hadn't even planned on going with them initially. But when I received multiple offers for publication I had takn enough workshops and chats to glean Muse really nurtures and takes care of their authors (not that other houses don't) but Muse just felt right.

At some point during the rewrite of Another Way To Die I realized Daniel Logan was a fantastic hero and he wanted more pages than the 189 dedicated to him in my first book. I had a trilogy on my hands. I'm incredibly linear in my work. Some people can multitask when it comes to their project and if I could I would. But that's where my prediliction for getting out of the moment which is essential for my writing--and quite frankly my life throws me out of balance.

When I'm writing progress is what I'm striving for because nothing, no matter how much I wish it could be is perfect. Someone, either myself or someone else is always going to find fault with it. There is judgement in this world. And sometimes we writers judge ourselves and one another the harshest.

I'm not talking about the sharp eye of your content and line editors I'm talking about squashing someone's voice. That's why I don't believe first drafts are meant to be seen by anyone except the writer until they are finished. Crtitique partners are important, but even then you don't hand the first draft to them. Only your first reader needs to see it. Too many cooks spoil the dish. I believe that.

Critique partners shoulder be people who understand you, your voice, and your personality. Some can be treated roughly. Some need it wrapped in a bow. If you understand the goal is progress not perfection you're not just going to be a better writer, you're going to a happier and better person.

I want to take a moment here to thank those who have inspired me to do my best work. Stephen King, Julie Butcher, Chris Baty, Lea Schizas, Elise VanCise, Pamela Turner, Scott Frank, Quentin Tarantino, William Goldman, and of course my best friend, writing partner, and first reader of fourteen years Melissa Goodman. May you all have continued success in this world, no matter what your definition of it is.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Real Tragedy Strikes...Christchurch & Japan

I recently did a tongue in cheek post about my computer crashing. That is an inconvenience. What's going on in Japan is what a real tragedy is all about. And while I'm on this subject, another scene not getting as much attention, Christchurch.

Christchurch did not receive as much attention, but is a place suffering the awesome consequences of an earthquake as well. Please do not brush this place from your thoughts and prayers simply perhaps it doesn't conjure up visions of End of Days quite like the tsunami and nuclear explosions and meltdown but on their day of crisis they ran out of emergency vehicles for the dead and injured. But I am going to focus on Japan.

I know sometimes that in the worst of circumstances people can come together and rally. I've seen it in my writer's blogs. But watching that tsunami in real time, then watching the nuclear reactor blow was enough to send chills up and down my spine. It's a startling realization that in reality that when we try to harness the more volatile elements of nature there is no guarantee that things are going to go our way.

God, the Universe, Energy, goddesses, or whatever you pray to or believe in has a funny way of exerting her or his authoritative voice and letting all of us know exactly who's in charge. All we can do now is pray. Donate food, water, time, clothes things of that nature. And I'm not just praying for the people of Japan who need it most of all, but for the world leaders and the leaders of Japan to work together to try and find an answer to the tragedy which has struck.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Say Hi to Another Way To Die's Almira & Daniel

Today at my blog I am pleased to have an exclusive with the very private yet very much in love Almira Sands and Daniel Craig. So please, help me in giving them a warm welcome as the share a little bit about themselves, their family, and how they met…
Almira fidgets in her seat and with her microphone, Daniel helps her with it and covers her hand with his.
Q: Hi, welcome to Creative Chatter, I hear it’s an how you met and fell in love is an interesting story. Are you comfortable sharing?
A: (Daniel looks away Almira smiles) Daniel isn’t always comfortable talking about it. Honestly, neither am I. When the love of your life actually kidnapped you it never is.
D: Almira more than held her own. She quite literally knocked me off my feet.
A: (squeezing his hand) Hmmm. To be fair he actually saved my life. Troy Adams would have taken me and used me to his own end.
D: Bastard.
A: He’s dead baby.
D: Yes…
Q: What was your first kiss like?
Almira blushes. Daniel kisses her on the cheek.
D: Mmmm. It never gets boring, does it Luv?
He nuzzles her at her neck and her ear, nipping at it. She sighs.
A: No it never does.
Q: I hear you have plans for children.
Almira looks to Daniel and caresses a sad Daniel’s cheek.
A: It’s complicated. I just got my son Aaron back, and we’re still looking for his daughter Abagail. Children together will have to wait.
D: There’s nothing I want more.
He draws her in close and gazes down at her as she’s all that matters in the world then looks to me.
D: But there are men who would like nothing more than to hurt her the way her father did. To keep her from her family, and until I know I can protect her from them I’m content to have her and Aaron and to look for Abby.
Almira leans into Daniel’s embrace and closes her eyes. Daniel removes their microphones and grimaces.
D: Now if you don’t mind, I think that’s enough for today.
If you have any questions for Abagail and Daniel post them in the comment section and I will pass them along. Those with the most interesting questions will get a chance to sit down with the happy couple at a later date for a full on interview. Until then Abagail will answer you in the comments section of today’s post.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creative Chatter: When Disaster Strikes...or When Your Computer Dies...

Creative Chatter: When Disaster Strikes...or When Your Computer Dies...: "Last night I was feeling blessed. I had spoken with a person who could make things happen on my book trailer. I got to bond with Karen Cote ..."

When Disaster Strikes...or When Your Computer Dies

Last night I was feeling blessed. I had spoken with a person who could make things happen on my book trailer. I got to bond with Karen Cote over on MuseItUp, (you should check out her 'Rock' Books Rock Bound and Rock Crazy), and I had finally made a breakthrough on my second book in the Lost Legacies Series.  And the icing on the cake, last week I landed my first publication contract with MuseItUp Publishing (, writers and readers should really check them out. They are AWESOME and not just because they offered me a contract either ;) Then, poof my computer dies. The one time I don't back up my story and poof. The amazing thing is I'm not sweating it. Numb was only nine pages long.

I have all the images for the book trailer I want saved. I can get my avatars from Elise (a great friend, writer, and graphics designer) and I have the video Missy made her father last year for his birthday and my Another Way To Die backed up to my zip drive. So things could be a heck of a lot worse.

When I think of hard I think of when my screenwriting partner and I lived in San Antonio, didn't anything to write with, could barely make rent,  I was experiencing the first of two emotional breakdowns due to a Bipolar diagnosis and were living off of fifteen dollars worth of groceries a week.

I'm operating from my Dad's laptop temporarily and I'm trying to figure out how Mom and I can work together to either get an old desktop out of safe mode or purchase a refurbished one from Goodwins in Louisville.

All is not lost. I'm alive. I have air in my lungs. I have a roof over my head. I have food on the table and Another Way To Die is safely backed up. One day at a time I'll be fine. As for those nine pages of Numb? The story is still there and if I did it once I can do it again. Anyone else here have a story of woe to share or advice to give leave the advice here. I'd love hear it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creative Chatter: I NEED A HERO

Creative Chatter: I NEED A HERO: "Have you ever been so in love with your hero that you just couldn't let go of him? That his voice, his image, his fictional presence was so ..."


Have you ever been so in love with your hero that you just couldn't let go of him? That his voice, his image, his fictional presence was so strong that you simply couldn't shake him? Even though you had never written a sequel or a trilogy in your LIFE that he was there saying your name, calling at to you, demanding that his story be continued because there was more to tell?

Well folks I have met my match and his name is Daniel Logan of the Lost Legacies Trilogy. And I am simply besotted with the man. He's tall, gorgeous, alpha, and complicated. He's a tender lover with rough edges only my heroine smooth over and in the first novel (recently contracted with MUSEITUP Publishing) ANOTHER WAY TO DIE he lived and died to save Almira Sands life. She had been through hell and needed a good man help put the pieces of her heart back together again. (Not that she couldn't sling a gun, drive like a bat out of hell, or save the day herself when called upon.) But along the way Daniel had secrets of his own, a missing daughter, an abusive mother, and a weak father who broke his soul into pieces. And he told me his story was to be told in NUMB.

Daniel Logan was born when I saw Casino Royale in September of 2009. I fell in love with Daniel Craig's James Bond and even though the ladies at Coyote Con were into as one of them put it 'heroin chic' I decided I preferred a man who was all alpha whose heart could be won over by a tough girl with just a touch of vulnerability. If I could call Daniel Craig and thank him for helping me win my first publishing contract I would...most likely sound like a blithering idiot LOL.

Not that heroin chic is bad, it's just not my taste. I need a hero who can handle my weirdness, my strangeness, and MY vulnerability. And trust me that's a tall order. Let me know what kind of hero you like to read, write, or go to the movies to see. I'm curious. Till then happy reading and happy scribbles. Here's a picture of my hero:

And The Winner Is...

And the winner of the writer grab bag is...Meg Mimms! Find me on twitter and direct message me your snail mail info and you will receive your prize!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Say Hello To Your Newest Muse It Up Author!

The publishing world is filled with stories of cautionary tales. Of how some publishers represent themselves as one thing but are really another and how some look down on self-publishing (a perfectly legitimate avenue as long as your book is ready). Achieving publication is hard no matter what the format. Even though e-publication is the wave of the future the acceptance rate is 3-5% at best and 3-5% out of 100% is still a tough nut to crack. So when I opened my email box a few days ago to find one of these rare things you better believe I was over the moon happy about it.

I am a new Muse It Up Author. I will be sure to keep to up to date on my journey. Right now I have a ton of work to do. I will say Muse It Up is different from a lot of places right now because it works with an author in learning how to promote themselves and maximizing their efforts in driving traffic towards their book and just towards their social media. Actually I just like the idea I'm not shouting into a vacuum. But we all have our delusional fantasies right? LOL.

I have a lot of people to thank for this step along the journey and God knows acceptance into the club is just a step. Pamela Turner, she has to be the hardest working, most prolific lady I know. I can't wait for lunch on Thursday! You can find her title, Deathsword at Lyrical Press Go find it! It is awesome! Then there's Elise VanCise, my late night writing and chatting friend who does a lot of my artwork and is a fine writer in her own right, her work can be found at Her books are awesome too, if you like Paranormal or Urban Fantasy check these ladies out they are well worth the penny and time spent.

I, on the other hand, am a dark romantic suspense author. My title Another Way To Die is the tale of Almira Sands and Daniel Logan:

Almira Sands has been running all her life from her abusive father Jack, she knows she can only run for so long, one day the running will end and only she or her father will be left standing, what she doesn’t expect is to be kidnapped by Daniel Logan.

Daniel Logan is a mercenary who only intended to use Almira long enough to get to safety, but when she takes a bullet and almost dies he finds himself questioning who he is and what he does and saves her life.

On the run and falling in love they are forced to decide: a life on the run together, or face her father, the man who has the power to separate them forever.

Stay tuned for more to come...