Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been told one should offer free reads in order to build readership. Well I've seen enough of Daniel Craig's body to fantasize about doing an erotica where my hero looks a lot like him lol. And I'm dying to see Cowboys and Aliens this summer. So I thought why not cut my teeth on a free Sci-Fi Erotica to learn my craft.

Not because I think the market is exploding (please pardon the unintended pun) but because I actually want to write this story at this time. Who knows maybe it may be become more than just a blog?

I encourage feedback and comments because I've never written in this genre before and am really looking to have a great time and give everyone as entertaining a read as possible. If it's crap the first time around that's fine, but I would like to be armed with the pre-requist skill to make it a better story on the rewrite.

That being said please be gentle with my new couple, to quote Conway Twitty, they've never been this far before ;). Here's the link:

Happy reading!

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