Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Writer's Empty Cabinet

Yes I have eggs. Yes I have cheese. And yes I have a rogue package of chili flavored ramen noodles scooting around in my cabinet but I don't have much else.

Yesterday was supposed to be grocery day. Then this morning. And now I'm bouncing on shit and quick as nothing I could be back in the gutter again.

I'm sure many of you know this feeling. The royalties aren't exactly rolling in just yet and when they do come in I'm sure I'll be lucky to see a check for ten or fifteen dollars. But when the cable/internet bill came in early and the choice had to be made, eat or stay online, well, I shaved my grocery bill by about 20 or 30 dollars so that I could still function as a writer.

I'm e-published and broke, so the only way I can really reach my readers or potential audience is through the world wide web. So I go without you support my career. I know crazy right? But sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want out of life. And I want to available to my readers. So I eat a little more chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese if I have to, or maybe just the soup when things are really tight like now.

When you are tight on cash you have to decide what it is you really want and need.  Do you really need that cool I-Phone with the outrageous price tag? Or can you use a more basic phone to get the work done that you want to get done.

I'll be the first to admit I'm the first one to flood the timeline with promo for my books. I can't help it. I like socializing with friends on FB. Tweeting on Twitter and using my blog to reach people. But when it comes down to it I have bills to pay, groceries to buy and a pet to care for. I have birthdays to buy for. I'm like anyone else.

Now, that's not a cry to buy my book. Although I'm like any writer, as solitary an act as writing is, it's not done until a reader reads it and tells me about it.

No Ordinary Love is available to your right as is my newest release Another Way To Die. And even though my cabinet may be empty my cup is full. I would love to see my books continue to sell. And for my future books to capitalize on the traction I have gained.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Booksigning! Another Way To Die On Amazon! A Possible Contract!

Other than being told I write porn today was a good day. I do not write porn. I write erotic romance as well as some other genres. Porn is about getting off. And while erotic romance can be about that too, for me it's about falling in love. And if there isn't a story and there aren't people falling in love, I'm not going to read it and I'm certainly not going to write it.

I know because of the fact I write in this area that people are less likely to take me seriously as a writer and it PISSES ME OFF! I know I can rail against this until I'm blue in the face and chances are things will never change and I have to get a thick skin to flippant or even careless statements people make when having a conversation with them. But I don't have a thick skin, I bruise like a frickin' banana and my feelings do get hurt. That's okay, I'm pretty sure I impuned his graphic art skills lol.

But like I said other than that today was a good day. Another Way To Die is finally on Amazon, here's the link:

The porn comment aside, Frank was a great host, and he knows his books. His passion for them and his ability to transfer that passion to great customer service for his bookstore That Book Place in Madison, IN is a testament as to why indie stores are experiencing a rebirth of sorts. The very thing that made them easy prey for the bricks and mortar stores are the things that keep them afloat now. Knowing his regulars, he made every effort to direct them to me an author with a hardsell in a bricks and mortar store, an ebook. I raffled off two copies of my books one of Another Way To Die and one of No Ordinary Love.

And finally we started talking about his small press Hydra Publications. He has e-books and print books and uses the Kindle Select Program to his advantage. And he invited me to send him my current project. Which is pretty awesome. A print book in my future, now that's just the cherry on top of a very good day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Your Standard For Success?

It's been said it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any given field, and while I'm not an expert by any means I have paid my dues and it seems like good things are happening to me. And yeah I want to celebrate I want to shout it from the rooftops and I don't like feeling like I have to either justify myself or apologize for my success.

There are some snark monsters out there that would see me feel bad that I am successful or that perhaps e-books aren't real books. I wish I had a magic bullet which would strike both of these douches right between the eyes and make me feel better all at the same time.

There isn't any such magic bullet. But here's what I can do. In the last year I've set up a successful blog, signed 4 contracts and have had two of those books published. With a third slated for a release late summer/early fall.

Through social networking I've made some valuable contacts and even some good friends. 

The icing on the cake is having placed 2nd in the Short Story Romance category from Preditors & Editors and finishing tied for 10th for Best Author.

Then I'm so busy with the promoting either online or in person that it's hard to remember there's more writing to be done. Today I've been blue. Kind of like the bottom dropping out of the barrel after too much has been placed in it. Or feeling a little toasty and burned. 

As I've mentioned on my blog before I suffer from bipolar disorder, but life is what you make of it. It rained all day here today. I had to go out in this mess and run off the vouchers for my signing. Shoe got soaking wet. Got into a fight with my friend. And dinner was totally ruined, I couldn't even enjoy the meal I had prepared. 

But a little Jersday goes a long way. Now I just have anxiety about writing on the book I was working on, Bounty Hunter. It's the book I'm working on for my February 50K Blowout Challenge which I encourage you all to checkout

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Countdown

Folks, the day before the big day is here for Hollywood. Today marks the official beginning of the Oscar race. And while this coming Sunday is a bell weather day in which you will see what the Screen Actors Guild likes thereby giving you some clue as to what the Academy itself will vote for come February 26th today is the day when hope begins for some, hope dies for others and potential Kings and Queens are made in Hollywood.

My heart belongs to Daniel with Cowboys & Aliens and the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo. But reality is Girl is an imperfect film with a lumpy fourth act it would have been left better without and the Academy is much too stuck up to ever nominate a mashup sci-fi/western/action. But just for fun, here's the link to both film's trailers and picture from Cowboys & Aliens.

But of the ones that are Oscar bound let me say this here are my favorites of the year:

The Descendants. Simply put, a masterpiece by everyone involved. A perfect film. George Clooney has been racking up an impressive awards list for his work in this film. Deservedly so. As a grieving husband coming to terms with his wife's impending death he must reconnect with both of his daughters and cope with the fact his wife was cheating on him.

Moneyball, Brad Pitt is hot and when he's not too busy being a serious ACTOR he can make it look so damn easy. Which is exactly what he does in Moneyball. His co-star Jonah Hill is my favorite for supporting actor, but Christopher Plummer will probably take that prize for his role in Beginners, as an old man coming out of the closet and learning to navigate the world. I'm still cheering for Jonah. I just loved him in Moneyball.

Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy. A breakout year for a breakout lady. Go big girl from a fellow big girl having a breakout 2011.

The Help, if any of these ladies win it will be deservedly so. Ryan Gosling, dreamy with real acting chops. When did the freak from Lars and the Girl become the photoshopped hero in CrazyStupidLove and the political heavyweight in another Clooney pic, The Ides of March.

It's early here yet and I'm waiting for the announcements with baited breath. Awards are my thing and I hope one day I'll have my splashy moment in the sun. Until then good luck to everyone who's sleeping in Hollywood and those who are awake. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Digital Landscape

JA Konrath gave the greatest blog the other day. And man, after tangling with a particularly nasty associate at a bricks and mortar chain bookstore I have to wonder, what in the world is the print world thinking by shunning and refusing to accept e-books as a part of a workable future.

FACT: E-Readers have changed the way people get their reading material.

FACT: Authors still want the traditional print deal. The one with the advance. The one that allows them to eat.

FACT: They also want to be published and the e-book world allows more room for the talented pool to swim together.

FACT: Indie and Small Presses have taken advantage of this new technology and some are thriving quite well.

FACT: The big six are still lumbering along thinking they can out spend and out last this latest 'craze'.

Listen, I don't mind being told your publisher needs to go to our homepage and do x, y, z but when I am snidely asked if I'm the publisher and then told in a condescending manner it's easy to do I get pissed. And when I get pissed I let everyone know about it.

I've always wanted the print deal. I've always wanted to hold a print book in my hand and say a publisher picked me and my story because it was so compelling they couldn't put it down. ow, so far my stories are too short. But I'm working on that. But when the bricks and mortar stores can't see the writing emblazoned on the wall and learn to embrace the change it's absolutely maddening. I guess if they don't change their tune I'll be continuing to support the indie bookstores locally that they ate up in the nineties and support my fellow electronically published authors as we try to sell our books and reach out to fans either through the internet or in person.

Folks I've been very blessed this last year. 3 contracts, a slew of connections, some new friends made, and I have a very top heavy first half of the year. January, March, April, and June all feature events in person. And I'm debating the Muse Retreat in November, so, go figure. I think I've earned a booksigning at this store, but you know I have history with them that ain't so good. But that's fine. What goes around comes around and I'm a firm believer that when you do bad bad comes back on you. I'm not going to sit and wait for it to happen but I won't be surprised when it does.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Way To Die

This picture is where Another Way To Die got its start. To be honest Casino Royale is where the kernel for it got planted in my brain.

The man Daniel Logan: he looks suspiciously like Daniel Craig and can shoot to kill like James Bond but his backstory is mine to define. And when I put him on the page with Almira Sands the sparks were instant.

I wish I could give Daniel Craig a copy but the gatekeepers at CAA would probably see me as

nothing but a piss ant wanna be trying to get close to their client to be a leech. Not so, I'm just grateful to everyone who made this story possible.

Another Way To Die is available at tomorrow but let me tell you how grateful I am today as I will be at MuseItUpPublishing's Blog tomorrow. Another Way To Die may be my second book dropping into retailers but it is the first one I signed a contract for. Muse made a lifelong dream possible.

Let me thank the editors for saying yes to such a dark story which, as far as the romance genre goes pushes the envelope a little bit and it kept others from saying yes. Then let me thank my fantastic editor Lea Schizas for working tirelessly to whip this manuscript into shape with me. She is also the owner of Muse and she does a great job of guiding her.

So tomorrow if you would, drop on by MuseItUp Publishing and pick up a copy of Another Way To Die. I'll even provide a buy button for you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almira Sands

I don't know how to put this anymore delicately than I saw myself as Almira Sands, but if I had to say who inspired the external workings of Almira it would have to be Eva Green because, well, she's way more beautiful than I have any right to be lol. Plus, checkout the sexual chemistry between the two of them. Sheesh.

At the outset of Another Way To Die Almira is trying to live a normal life after a life of abuse inflicted on her by her father Jack and the men who work for him. She is nothing if not resourceful and she has managed to carve out a small amount of normalcy.

Out for a morning run she is kidnapped by Daniel, but it quickly becomes apparent their paths have crossed before and their lives are more entwined than either are prepared for. When she takes a bullet and almost dies they are forced to confront an ugly reality. Almira's father isn't about to let her go without a fight and he's far from finished torturing Daniel.

I found writing for these characters great un and since Almira was the double whammy of tough, yet vulnerable I felt like she deserved a little love and happiness in her life especially since the powers that be certainly put her through the wringer. LOL.

As it stands I've listening to a lot of music, be on the lookout this week to the soundtrack I listened to when I was writing Another Way To Die. And remember it releases this Friday, January 20th from MuseItUp Publishing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Daniel Logan

Meet Daniel Logan, hero of this Friday's release Another Way To Die. The man, the myth, the legend. The only thing that would make him yummier is is if I had spread chocolate sauce over his body and licked off his imaginary body. But I digress.

Daniel Logan is a tortured man with tortured past trying desperately to find his way and do the right thing. He was once married to a woman who was obsessed with Jack Sands.

In the beginning he was a good man with a tortured past. A weak willed father who abandoned him to a mother who was, unbeknownst to him, obsessed with Jack Sands. And when he couldn't live up to her impossible standards she abused him mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her rage knew no bounds and once he was old enough he fled her house to be with a woman who was, in retrospect, just like her.

His wife betrayed him and Jack used that to bend him to his will. Then a chance meeting with the heroine, Jack's daughter Almira, irrevocably changes him.

Daniel is the bad boy with the heart of gold. A man trained to shoot to kill. A man hard to know, but willing to go to any lengths to protect the ones he loves. Still waters run deep with him, and if you take the time to get to know him you just might be rewarded the way I was by the end of their story--I was in love. I hope you will be too this Friday when Another Way To Die releases from! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes!

Tonight is going to be a good, good night. How do I know? It's my favorite kind of night, it's a movie awards show night. Thursday was a good night, it was the Critic's Awards. And even though Daniel didn't take home an award for the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo or Cowboys and Aliens (he wasn't even nominated, and really unless it's a show geared towards that sort of thing, except for Girl I can sort of understand why), I'm looking forward to George Clooney have a sweet night for The Descendants and the Ides of March. 

Really we have goodies for a small party, (just me and Missy this time, there really wasn't the time to get ready for a house full of people and sometimes you just don't want to deal with others.) I know, us writers are a funny bunch. Give me an award and I'll move Hell and high water to come get it, don't and I'll stay home and relax. 

This is not to say we don't like a good party. Just ask Pam (love having her over, she's always got a take on the festivities at hand) my sister Sara, (she cracks me up) and one time we had over Paul and Margy (they were pretty awesome too). But sometimes, like tonight you just want to watch the awards show in relative quiet, and when it goes off you just want to go to bed without having to entertain. That, however does not impune the company just mentioned. It just means I want to be alone.

So what will I celebrate tonight. Well, that depends. The Artist took best director and best picture. And though it looks like a cute movie I'm not cheering for it. I'm in it for Girl and Descendants. Although Moneyball looks pretty damn good too.

So while I call my Hollywood husband up so we can go to the Fandom Fest awards for Book of the Year,
I must keep in mind many women dream of going to awards ceremonies with their Hollywood husbands only to be disappointed with the reality of being saddled with going with the RL friends and family. *Sigh LOL, imagine, sharing the biggest night of your life with the ones you love most.

Still, it would be incredible to have Daniel Craig come down from his life and say yes, my wife and I will escort you to your awards ceremony.

Oh well, this is real life, and to be honest with you I'd just be thrilled to be invited to the party.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Days Are Here Again

Did I mention I would eventually be okay, even happy with a 2nd place win at the Preditors & Editors 2011 Poll? Do I still wince a little, yeah, I'd be lying if I said I didn't but I also tied for 10th for Best Author on top of that 2nd place in the Best Romance Short Story category. But sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and move on.

I grew up a competitive kid, and honestly, I'm a competitive adult. I make no apologies for that. But I don't want to give the impression I'm not humbly grateful for the time that those of you who did took to vote for me. I love contests. It's like a moth to the flame for me. Someone waves a shiny trophy and I come running lol. And as it is I get two web icons for my campaign and book. So awesome. Something shiny to put on my virtual awards mantel. My first writing awards as an adult.

Currently I am entered in the RomCon Reader's Crown contest. I hope I uploaded what I needed to or it's $31 down the drain and I will not be very happy about that. I want my review and I want at least an 8 to get the seal. There may even be a contest with Fandom Fest, of that I ferverently hope is the case. And to have an awards ceremony, that would even be more awesome as that is what I would be capable of attending!

I'm doing a book launch at Fandom Fest. I will be launching my trilogy, The Gladiator Chronicles. There are to be 3 books in the series, GLADIATOR, ORACLE, and QUEEN. GLADIATOR is slated for an August 2012 release. I've got great plans for this Book Launch. Bear with me folks and you'll have a great time the weekend of June 29th-July 1st at the Galt House in Louisville, KY at

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Professionally Speaking, Of Course

There is a reason why I don't usually engage in the competitive side of things when it comes to games or polls or competitions because when you lose, and I guarantee you, you will lose more often than you win, and you you've played your hardest it burns like an acid bath that just sits like a ball of anger in the pit of your stomach and an ache in your chest.

I spent the whole day believing, after the polls had closed that I had won my category, Best Short Story Romance with, No Ordinary Love under my pen name Kate Lynd. To be nominated was awesome. But I knew I could motivate my online army of Tweeps, FB friends, and my generous friends at MuseItUp to vote for me as long as I wasn't in direct competition with them.  And I thought it had worked. Until I get online and I see where I'm 'tied' for 2nd place.

It's good in only one respect, Danielle and Christine moved up :). And I know the calm, mature, reaction is to, have a drink, be happy with 2nd. I'm in the top ten. Hell, I made the medal stand. But there's only one web badge given and it's for 1st place. I have never been satisfied with just placing. It has never been in my nature, when fully engaged in a competitive situation to give anything than my best and then some so right now I feel like they said here you go, now we want it back.

In high school a similar thing happened to me. I never lost my competitive zeal because I simply couldn't help it. I once placed 11th out of 54 teams at a national debate tournament and missed the final 8 on speaker points. I received a certificate for going 4-2 in preliminary rounds. The goal had been to do that. We were happy. At a county tournament we placed 5th, got a trophy, a team protested, a team we had very bad blood with and we were forced to hand it over to them. I know I'm 36, but it stings as bad today as it did 16 years ago.

All this does is prove to me that one poll is no better than another. Does that make me want to win any less? The ironic thing is no, it doesn't. I wish it did. But I've always been very competitive. I like events the feature skill that can measured, arts competitions are all so subjective. I entered No Ordinary Love in the RomCon contest. Where it's read and judged by readers and you're given a score. I'm hoping for a 9, but an 8 will get me a RomCon seal that I can feature on my website and my blog. Right now I wish I could put Daniel Craig on speed dial and have him come over for a little angry sex. That might be nice right about now lol.

I am fortunate. I have 3 books I signed contracts for so far. One of them is the first in a trilogy. I guess the next best thing to winning an award would be congratulating my team for their placement in the polls. To my brilliant editor Tanja Cilia who placed 8th on the editors list. Delilah I still think the cover you did for No Ordinary Love was far more deserving than 13th place finish it got but you asked that Tiger's needs be put before your own, so I didn't push as hard as I might otherwise would have, as the first impression a book makes is with its title and cover art. And you lady are the bomb. (Not to impune Children of Subspecies or Tiger's wonderful 2nd place finish.) Greta you're great too, I had to pick and it was more like Sophie's Choice in that regard.

So now that I'm done ranting you'll notice a huge button the says Shorty Awards-Nominate Me. I would ask that you please take a moment if you have a Twitter account to vote for me for Author. Now that's a popularity contest to be sure, but it's a red carpet Hollywood affair and nothing would be better than hitting triple digits in votes. Click on the button and it takes you directly to the voting page.

And before I sign off, congratulations to everyone who won or placed at the Preditors and Editors Poll in 2011. You motivated the masses. I think the only thing better than winning an award would be for people to keep buying No Ordinary Love and be interested enough to buy Another Way To Die when it comes out.

Good night, and good luck.

It's A Celebration Today At Creative Chatter!

As of right now I'm declaring it a woop it up party day. It is on days such as these that I wish I could call my heroes and tell them look at what you made possible.

I finished (unofficially at this point) in first place for short story romance for No Ordinary Love as Kate Lynd.
I finished in 11th for best author. I wish I could have held on to tenth but hey, that was a category where everyone from the other categories were lumped in together so I'm guessing 11th is perfectly respectable and besides I was kept company but fellow Muser AP Miller so it couldn't be all that bad.

Then let me give props to my fantastic editor, Tanja Cilia she snagged a top ten in a 9th place award for No Ordinary Love woot! The only reason I feel like Delilah got a 12th place vote for my No Ordinary Love category is because I didn't actively campaign for her after a point. She finished 12th with my cover but second with Children of Subspecies. And Tiger finished 3rd.  Almost a MuseItUp sweep of the category.

And allow me to speak up for Danielle Ravencraft and Christine Steeves in my category Danielle came charging in at 4th for Trace of Love and Christine swept in at 9th with Midnight Find.

On the loops I saw where MuseItUp came away with 25 awards! Including 1st for bookstore and 2nd for Publisher. So today we are whooping it up here Creative Chatter and as with all parties there's a giveaway. Leave a comment win a chance at No Ordinary Love!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Adrian Paul

I know I talk a lot about Daniel Craig and by now I know you must be sick to death of hearing about him but allow me to talk about another man who makes me sigh and swoon and think if I could just meet him it would make my day. Here, I'll give you a hint, he was on television in the nineties. Need another hint. He was Scottish. Need another, try this on for size:

There can can be only one. Still don't know? Here's a picture:
Wonder what's under that kilt, I used to spend hours wondering the same thing. That's Adrian Paul as Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod. He was seriously gorgeous and truth be told even at 50 something with a family he's still hot but I used to look forward to Highlander and watch it with rapt attention.

I always wanted to write a hero for him but he never made it to the end of my story. There was always someone I was lusting after more intensely LOL. But the irony is I still have dreams about this guy LOL.

If I need a nice guy to treat me well whatever my brain deems safe about this one he seems to fit the bill. I must have trouble seeing him as much of a broken soul. Although I did write about him in Big Blue Nation and when I killed his character off several of the people who read the story weren't too happy about it.

This time I'm not able to see him either. But all the same I'd love to meet him and tell him about a time in my life when I did use him as a model to write about.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lost In Story

I wish I could say I was so lost in my tale of the former rebel come gladiator come counsel to the Oracle that I didn't notice things like the Preditor and Editors Poll. I know perhaps things such as these are only popularity contests, and that in the long run perhaps they mean nothing. But as someone who tries not to let their competitive spirit get the best of them (I usually live vicariously through the Movie Awards season lol), I have to admit as a kid I thrived on competition, and I always wanted to be the best at what I did. Doesn't everyone? Well my first book dropped in October and showing up on any list is an honor, (did I mention I love television shows with lists), but I like anyone else, if given half the chance I want to win. And having battled it out over the week with the likes of my own fellow publishing house writers (I think of that as friendly competition, and if I have to lose I'd rather lose to a Muser than anyone else) and sitting at number one I see these others as interlopers to the thrown. Much like in my story where the despot has been removed a reluctant replacement is on his way to take the throne.

Now, I am no despot, and in reality these girls in front of me are not really interlopers. But having mobilized my army to the best of my ability I'd hate to fail to claim the prize if only because they have more men than I do to mobilize.

I don't live in a fantasy world where midlisters triumph over bestsellers but I know if you Google me or my pen name I have a presence online. And I can't find these venerable ladies anywhere. Of course they may be print authors and in that case perhaps they should have been tanning my behind all along.

But I'm hoping if you haven't voted yet that you'll help put the cherry on my sundae of 2011 in which I landed three contracts and go vote for me for Best Short Story Romance scroll down to short shorts romance click on it, then scroll down to Kate Lynd, No Ordinary Love. Tanja Cilia is also nominated for best book editor and I'm nominated for best author as Kate Lynd. Any help is appreciated. Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who I See...

It's hard not to see Daniel every time I work on a story. I mean the heroes I choose from are plentiful, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Adrian Paul...delightful to listen to, delicious to look at, but Daniel Craig has this cool volatility and brokenness that is so appealing in the characters I like to write. Of course he seems emotionally unavailable too lol, and to me he's just a superstar I'm never going to meet so that emotional unavailability is a reaility lol.

In the Gladiator Chronicles we see three tales, GLADIATOR, ORACLE, and if things go well, QUEEN. Tristan Shane is the hero of GLADIATOR. Anastasia isn't the ORACLE but the story is told through her eyes. And QUEEN? Not to sure how that one will go. And it seems to me Daniel's image follows me  wherever I  go in my writing these days.

I want to see these other heroes but I tend to think linearly and I tend to be a one man woman  ;) lol. So for the Gladiator Chronicles I know who I see, but you should all feel free to see who you see. In Set Fire to the Rain I see him too. But like I said I see him everywhere. Osmet may have seen dead people but I see BAD ASS Craig everywhere I look. Hell, he may not even be a bad ass, but he sure seems comfortable in his own skin. And folks, that's appealing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Champion

Every once in a great while everyone needs a champion for their Cause. They can't be bought. They're hard to come by and when you have one you should hang onto them for dear life because they're not likely to come by again in this lifetime.

Everyone has their story. Mine goes like this, May 2010, I write Another Way To Die. February 2011 I win my first contract for publication. In April of 2011 I win my second contract for publication of No Ordinary Love.

My editor for No Ordinary Love was Tanja Cilia. She was a dream to work for. She expects nothing less than my best and really, how else would I want it? In October/November I wrote Gladiator. She liked the story enough to champion my Cause to the publisher and agreed to work with me again. I worked with Lea on Another Way To Die and loved her too, and she makes the final decision but Tanja's vocalness towards my Cause no doubt put me over the top.

Why wouldn't I want to dedicate a blog post to her? She may not be a hero but she certainly is a champion. She's nominated at for best book editor. If you have a moment to spare won't you spare her a vote?

Monday, January 2, 2012


I have several heroes to speak of some I have pictures of some I'll just have artwork that they've done for me to represent them. The first person I am going to talk about is my best friend and fellow writer Melissa Goodman. AKA Missy. She is my best friend and we've been through as we like to say 'the fire' together.
From working together in a bookstore together in our early twenties to making films in our late twenties and early thirties we have traveled an interesting road to say the least. Through my battle with mental illness she has stuck by my side and she hasn't wavered ever, even on my less than peachy days. She celebrated when I scored my contracts as they came in this year and promptly voted for me when I was nominated for 2 Preditor and Editor Awards. (Which you still have time to do at for best romance short story for No Ordinary Love as Kate Lynd and as best author as Kate Lynd.)

She's been through a lot in the last year, losing her father and resolving to write more has yielded her three stories she is now ready to submit and try to get publish. And I'm right here cheering the loudest. She finds herself a little overwhelmed by the submissions process and is looking for the right home for her work. Again, I'm right here as her best friend, but she is my hero.

Pamela Turner is a fellow author I met during an audition for one of my films. She has overcome much to become the person she is today. A successful journalist, a published author, an award winning screenwriter, and an indie filmmaker. She is also a loving wife and mother who is strong and independent who expects nothing less than the best from herself and those around her.

I tell her all the time I wouldn't want to meet her in a darkened alley ;) but if she calls you friend you couldn't ask for a better ally IN that darkened ally.

Checkout her novel Deathsword from Lyrical Press.

Elise VanCise is a fellow author I met on the fan group Adrian's Angels. I challenged everyone to do NaNoWriMo and she was the only one who followed through. She is a terrific writer, graphic artist, and booktrailer creator. I use her often and she never disappoints. She is the loving mother of Tristan VanCise and a great friend. She's as tough as the come and one of the most talented people I know. All of these ladies are.

And finally, the cream in my coffee, the man who gives me shivers and entertains me in each film I go to see. And the one who made my Christmas so merry and bright with his film the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. When I saw Casino Royale I started wanting to write a James Bond story, what came out was a twisted, dark tale about vengeance, romance, and abuse. Which was more like Casino Royale meets the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And I had never even read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

What I would like to do is take a moment and say is thank you to you all for being such great friends, and to Daniel, thank you for being an inspiration, and promise not to lick you like a lollipop like I'm always saying I'm going to do in private, in a whisper, into a pillow, where no one can here me.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've Been Blessed

Welcome to my favorite time of year. When movies, books, and music are honored, top ten lists proliferate and trophies are handed out. You can make the argument that it's all one big racket or popularity contest but I like to think of it as a fun time of year to look back on what came before and reminisce on what the talented artists worked hard to bring us this year.

The last year brought me the four things and writer could wish for. Three book contracts for Another Way To Die, No Ordinary Love, and just recently, GLADIATOR.

No Ordinary Love was published on October 28th this year and I believe I am to get a royalty check this January woo-hoo. It's not a bestseller but it is introducing me to readers and 22 copies is about what I had to sell in order to get a payout. So you'd think that was sweet enough but I have been blessed many times over. This year No Ordinary Love was nominated in four categories over at Preditors & Editors Readers Choice

Poll. Best Short Story Romance, Best Author Page, Best Book Editor for Tanja Cilia, and Best Cover Art for Delilah Stephans. I was flabbergasted and I have to say I'm really happy. I know sometimes it's a matter of getting people to checkout your work and weigh in on it, but sometimes awards been a boost in sales if used just right and if your interested in reading No Ordinary Love just click on the buy link in the sidebar and have a look for yourself.

And now, I'm asking for a few seconds of your time. If you could spare a moment and vote for me and my team, I've provided the direct links below to help out. I'd love to be celebrating come January 12th when the winners are announced on the Preditors and Editors page. Best Romance Short Story- Kate Lynd, No Ordinary Love Best Author- Kate Lynd Best Editor- Tanja Cilia Best Cover Art- Delilah Stephans, No Ordinary Love

I know I have much to be grateful for 2011 won't you help me ring in the New Year with lots of good cheer? :)