Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Way To Die

This picture is where Another Way To Die got its start. To be honest Casino Royale is where the kernel for it got planted in my brain.

The man Daniel Logan: he looks suspiciously like Daniel Craig and can shoot to kill like James Bond but his backstory is mine to define. And when I put him on the page with Almira Sands the sparks were instant.

I wish I could give Daniel Craig a copy but the gatekeepers at CAA would probably see me as

nothing but a piss ant wanna be trying to get close to their client to be a leech. Not so, I'm just grateful to everyone who made this story possible.

Another Way To Die is available at tomorrow but let me tell you how grateful I am today as I will be at MuseItUpPublishing's Blog tomorrow. Another Way To Die may be my second book dropping into retailers but it is the first one I signed a contract for. Muse made a lifelong dream possible.

Let me thank the editors for saying yes to such a dark story which, as far as the romance genre goes pushes the envelope a little bit and it kept others from saying yes. Then let me thank my fantastic editor Lea Schizas for working tirelessly to whip this manuscript into shape with me. She is also the owner of Muse and she does a great job of guiding her.

So tomorrow if you would, drop on by MuseItUp Publishing and pick up a copy of Another Way To Die. I'll even provide a buy button for you.

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