Saturday, January 28, 2012

Booksigning! Another Way To Die On Amazon! A Possible Contract!

Other than being told I write porn today was a good day. I do not write porn. I write erotic romance as well as some other genres. Porn is about getting off. And while erotic romance can be about that too, for me it's about falling in love. And if there isn't a story and there aren't people falling in love, I'm not going to read it and I'm certainly not going to write it.

I know because of the fact I write in this area that people are less likely to take me seriously as a writer and it PISSES ME OFF! I know I can rail against this until I'm blue in the face and chances are things will never change and I have to get a thick skin to flippant or even careless statements people make when having a conversation with them. But I don't have a thick skin, I bruise like a frickin' banana and my feelings do get hurt. That's okay, I'm pretty sure I impuned his graphic art skills lol.

But like I said other than that today was a good day. Another Way To Die is finally on Amazon, here's the link:

The porn comment aside, Frank was a great host, and he knows his books. His passion for them and his ability to transfer that passion to great customer service for his bookstore That Book Place in Madison, IN is a testament as to why indie stores are experiencing a rebirth of sorts. The very thing that made them easy prey for the bricks and mortar stores are the things that keep them afloat now. Knowing his regulars, he made every effort to direct them to me an author with a hardsell in a bricks and mortar store, an ebook. I raffled off two copies of my books one of Another Way To Die and one of No Ordinary Love.

And finally we started talking about his small press Hydra Publications. He has e-books and print books and uses the Kindle Select Program to his advantage. And he invited me to send him my current project. Which is pretty awesome. A print book in my future, now that's just the cherry on top of a very good day.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the possible contract. How exciting! And, no, you don't write porn. I've read ridiculous! :)


Author of Concilium, available July 2012
Concilium: The Departure, November 2012
PODs, available June 2013

Unknown said...

Thank you, last night I was exhausted. Nice to hear a reader's perspective.

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Amy I just started reading Another Way to Die and so far I can't put it down. Haven't gotten to anything like that yet, but I am amazed at the resilience of your female character!

Unknown said...

Thank you :) I loved writing this story.