Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who I See...

It's hard not to see Daniel every time I work on a story. I mean the heroes I choose from are plentiful, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Adrian Paul...delightful to listen to, delicious to look at, but Daniel Craig has this cool volatility and brokenness that is so appealing in the characters I like to write. Of course he seems emotionally unavailable too lol, and to me he's just a superstar I'm never going to meet so that emotional unavailability is a reaility lol.

In the Gladiator Chronicles we see three tales, GLADIATOR, ORACLE, and if things go well, QUEEN. Tristan Shane is the hero of GLADIATOR. Anastasia isn't the ORACLE but the story is told through her eyes. And QUEEN? Not to sure how that one will go. And it seems to me Daniel's image follows me  wherever I  go in my writing these days.

I want to see these other heroes but I tend to think linearly and I tend to be a one man woman  ;) lol. So for the Gladiator Chronicles I know who I see, but you should all feel free to see who you see. In Set Fire to the Rain I see him too. But like I said I see him everywhere. Osmet may have seen dead people but I see BAD ASS Craig everywhere I look. Hell, he may not even be a bad ass, but he sure seems comfortable in his own skin. And folks, that's appealing.

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