Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almira Sands

I don't know how to put this anymore delicately than I saw myself as Almira Sands, but if I had to say who inspired the external workings of Almira it would have to be Eva Green because, well, she's way more beautiful than I have any right to be lol. Plus, checkout the sexual chemistry between the two of them. Sheesh.

At the outset of Another Way To Die Almira is trying to live a normal life after a life of abuse inflicted on her by her father Jack and the men who work for him. She is nothing if not resourceful and she has managed to carve out a small amount of normalcy.

Out for a morning run she is kidnapped by Daniel, but it quickly becomes apparent their paths have crossed before and their lives are more entwined than either are prepared for. When she takes a bullet and almost dies they are forced to confront an ugly reality. Almira's father isn't about to let her go without a fight and he's far from finished torturing Daniel.

I found writing for these characters great un and since Almira was the double whammy of tough, yet vulnerable I felt like she deserved a little love and happiness in her life especially since the powers that be certainly put her through the wringer. LOL.

As it stands I've listening to a lot of music, be on the lookout this week to the soundtrack I listened to when I was writing Another Way To Die. And remember it releases this Friday, January 20th from MuseItUp Publishing.

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