Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A Celebration Today At Creative Chatter!

As of right now I'm declaring it a woop it up party day. It is on days such as these that I wish I could call my heroes and tell them look at what you made possible.

I finished (unofficially at this point) in first place for short story romance for No Ordinary Love as Kate Lynd.
I finished in 11th for best author. I wish I could have held on to tenth but hey, that was a category where everyone from the other categories were lumped in together so I'm guessing 11th is perfectly respectable and besides I was kept company but fellow Muser AP Miller so it couldn't be all that bad.

Then let me give props to my fantastic editor, Tanja Cilia she snagged a top ten in a 9th place award for No Ordinary Love woot! The only reason I feel like Delilah got a 12th place vote for my No Ordinary Love category is because I didn't actively campaign for her after a point. She finished 12th with my cover but second with Children of Subspecies. And Tiger finished 3rd.  Almost a MuseItUp sweep of the category.

And allow me to speak up for Danielle Ravencraft and Christine Steeves in my category Danielle came charging in at 4th for Trace of Love and Christine swept in at 9th with Midnight Find.

On the loops I saw where MuseItUp came away with 25 awards! Including 1st for bookstore and 2nd for Publisher. So today we are whooping it up here Creative Chatter and as with all parties there's a giveaway. Leave a comment win a chance at No Ordinary Love!

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Fedora said...

Congratulations to you and MuseItUp! Lots of good news and positive kudos!