Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've Been Blessed

Welcome to my favorite time of year. When movies, books, and music are honored, top ten lists proliferate and trophies are handed out. You can make the argument that it's all one big racket or popularity contest but I like to think of it as a fun time of year to look back on what came before and reminisce on what the talented artists worked hard to bring us this year.

The last year brought me the four things and writer could wish for. Three book contracts for Another Way To Die, No Ordinary Love, and just recently, GLADIATOR.

No Ordinary Love was published on October 28th this year and I believe I am to get a royalty check this January woo-hoo. It's not a bestseller but it is introducing me to readers and 22 copies is about what I had to sell in order to get a payout. So you'd think that was sweet enough but I have been blessed many times over. This year No Ordinary Love was nominated in four categories over at Preditors & Editors Readers Choice

Poll. Best Short Story Romance, Best Author Page, Best Book Editor for Tanja Cilia, and Best Cover Art for Delilah Stephans. I was flabbergasted and I have to say I'm really happy. I know sometimes it's a matter of getting people to checkout your work and weigh in on it, but sometimes awards been a boost in sales if used just right and if your interested in reading No Ordinary Love just click on the buy link in the sidebar and have a look for yourself.

And now, I'm asking for a few seconds of your time. If you could spare a moment and vote for me and my team, I've provided the direct links below to help out. I'd love to be celebrating come January 12th when the winners are announced on the Preditors and Editors page. Best Romance Short Story- Kate Lynd, No Ordinary Love Best Author- Kate Lynd Best Editor- Tanja Cilia Best Cover Art- Delilah Stephans, No Ordinary Love

I know I have much to be grateful for 2011 won't you help me ring in the New Year with lots of good cheer? :)

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