Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lost In Story

I wish I could say I was so lost in my tale of the former rebel come gladiator come counsel to the Oracle that I didn't notice things like the Preditor and Editors Poll. I know perhaps things such as these are only popularity contests, and that in the long run perhaps they mean nothing. But as someone who tries not to let their competitive spirit get the best of them (I usually live vicariously through the Movie Awards season lol), I have to admit as a kid I thrived on competition, and I always wanted to be the best at what I did. Doesn't everyone? Well my first book dropped in October and showing up on any list is an honor, (did I mention I love television shows with lists), but I like anyone else, if given half the chance I want to win. And having battled it out over the week with the likes of my own fellow publishing house writers (I think of that as friendly competition, and if I have to lose I'd rather lose to a Muser than anyone else) and sitting at number one I see these others as interlopers to the thrown. Much like in my story where the despot has been removed a reluctant replacement is on his way to take the throne.

Now, I am no despot, and in reality these girls in front of me are not really interlopers. But having mobilized my army to the best of my ability I'd hate to fail to claim the prize if only because they have more men than I do to mobilize.

I don't live in a fantasy world where midlisters triumph over bestsellers but I know if you Google me or my pen name I have a presence online. And I can't find these venerable ladies anywhere. Of course they may be print authors and in that case perhaps they should have been tanning my behind all along.

But I'm hoping if you haven't voted yet that you'll help put the cherry on my sundae of 2011 in which I landed three contracts and go vote for me for Best Short Story Romance scroll down to short shorts romance click on it, then scroll down to Kate Lynd, No Ordinary Love. Tanja Cilia is also nominated for best book editor and I'm nominated for best author as Kate Lynd. Any help is appreciated. Have a good Sunday!

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