Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Countdown

Folks, the day before the big day is here for Hollywood. Today marks the official beginning of the Oscar race. And while this coming Sunday is a bell weather day in which you will see what the Screen Actors Guild likes thereby giving you some clue as to what the Academy itself will vote for come February 26th today is the day when hope begins for some, hope dies for others and potential Kings and Queens are made in Hollywood.

My heart belongs to Daniel with Cowboys & Aliens and the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo. But reality is Girl is an imperfect film with a lumpy fourth act it would have been left better without and the Academy is much too stuck up to ever nominate a mashup sci-fi/western/action. But just for fun, here's the link to both film's trailers and picture from Cowboys & Aliens.



But of the ones that are Oscar bound let me say this here are my favorites of the year:

The Descendants. Simply put, a masterpiece by everyone involved. A perfect film. George Clooney has been racking up an impressive awards list for his work in this film. Deservedly so. As a grieving husband coming to terms with his wife's impending death he must reconnect with both of his daughters and cope with the fact his wife was cheating on him.

Moneyball, Brad Pitt is hot and when he's not too busy being a serious ACTOR he can make it look so damn easy. Which is exactly what he does in Moneyball. His co-star Jonah Hill is my favorite for supporting actor, but Christopher Plummer will probably take that prize for his role in Beginners, as an old man coming out of the closet and learning to navigate the world. I'm still cheering for Jonah. I just loved him in Moneyball.

Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy. A breakout year for a breakout lady. Go big girl from a fellow big girl having a breakout 2011.

The Help, if any of these ladies win it will be deservedly so. Ryan Gosling, dreamy with real acting chops. When did the freak from Lars and the Girl become the photoshopped hero in CrazyStupidLove and the political heavyweight in another Clooney pic, The Ides of March.

It's early here yet and I'm waiting for the announcements with baited breath. Awards are my thing and I hope one day I'll have my splashy moment in the sun. Until then good luck to everyone who's sleeping in Hollywood and those who are awake. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

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