Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes!

Tonight is going to be a good, good night. How do I know? It's my favorite kind of night, it's a movie awards show night. Thursday was a good night, it was the Critic's Awards. And even though Daniel didn't take home an award for the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo or Cowboys and Aliens (he wasn't even nominated, and really unless it's a show geared towards that sort of thing, except for Girl I can sort of understand why), I'm looking forward to George Clooney have a sweet night for The Descendants and the Ides of March. 

Really we have goodies for a small party, (just me and Missy this time, there really wasn't the time to get ready for a house full of people and sometimes you just don't want to deal with others.) I know, us writers are a funny bunch. Give me an award and I'll move Hell and high water to come get it, don't and I'll stay home and relax. 

This is not to say we don't like a good party. Just ask Pam (love having her over, she's always got a take on the festivities at hand) my sister Sara, (she cracks me up) and one time we had over Paul and Margy (they were pretty awesome too). But sometimes, like tonight you just want to watch the awards show in relative quiet, and when it goes off you just want to go to bed without having to entertain. That, however does not impune the company just mentioned. It just means I want to be alone.

So what will I celebrate tonight. Well, that depends. The Artist took best director and best picture. And though it looks like a cute movie I'm not cheering for it. I'm in it for Girl and Descendants. Although Moneyball looks pretty damn good too.

So while I call my Hollywood husband up so we can go to the Fandom Fest awards for Book of the Year,
I must keep in mind many women dream of going to awards ceremonies with their Hollywood husbands only to be disappointed with the reality of being saddled with going with the RL friends and family. *Sigh LOL, imagine, sharing the biggest night of your life with the ones you love most.

Still, it would be incredible to have Daniel Craig come down from his life and say yes, my wife and I will escort you to your awards ceremony.

Oh well, this is real life, and to be honest with you I'd just be thrilled to be invited to the party.

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