Monday, January 2, 2012


I have several heroes to speak of some I have pictures of some I'll just have artwork that they've done for me to represent them. The first person I am going to talk about is my best friend and fellow writer Melissa Goodman. AKA Missy. She is my best friend and we've been through as we like to say 'the fire' together.
From working together in a bookstore together in our early twenties to making films in our late twenties and early thirties we have traveled an interesting road to say the least. Through my battle with mental illness she has stuck by my side and she hasn't wavered ever, even on my less than peachy days. She celebrated when I scored my contracts as they came in this year and promptly voted for me when I was nominated for 2 Preditor and Editor Awards. (Which you still have time to do at for best romance short story for No Ordinary Love as Kate Lynd and as best author as Kate Lynd.)

She's been through a lot in the last year, losing her father and resolving to write more has yielded her three stories she is now ready to submit and try to get publish. And I'm right here cheering the loudest. She finds herself a little overwhelmed by the submissions process and is looking for the right home for her work. Again, I'm right here as her best friend, but she is my hero.

Pamela Turner is a fellow author I met during an audition for one of my films. She has overcome much to become the person she is today. A successful journalist, a published author, an award winning screenwriter, and an indie filmmaker. She is also a loving wife and mother who is strong and independent who expects nothing less than the best from herself and those around her.

I tell her all the time I wouldn't want to meet her in a darkened alley ;) but if she calls you friend you couldn't ask for a better ally IN that darkened ally.

Checkout her novel Deathsword from Lyrical Press.

Elise VanCise is a fellow author I met on the fan group Adrian's Angels. I challenged everyone to do NaNoWriMo and she was the only one who followed through. She is a terrific writer, graphic artist, and booktrailer creator. I use her often and she never disappoints. She is the loving mother of Tristan VanCise and a great friend. She's as tough as the come and one of the most talented people I know. All of these ladies are.

And finally, the cream in my coffee, the man who gives me shivers and entertains me in each film I go to see. And the one who made my Christmas so merry and bright with his film the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. When I saw Casino Royale I started wanting to write a James Bond story, what came out was a twisted, dark tale about vengeance, romance, and abuse. Which was more like Casino Royale meets the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And I had never even read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

What I would like to do is take a moment and say is thank you to you all for being such great friends, and to Daniel, thank you for being an inspiration, and promise not to lick you like a lollipop like I'm always saying I'm going to do in private, in a whisper, into a pillow, where no one can here me.


gail roughton branan said...

Know what you mean, Amy. I have a treasure chest of friends who have gotten me through hell and back. Several times. Where would we be without them?

Anonymous said...

Amy ~ love your heroes...understand why they are from your lovely words about them. Like Gail says...where would we be without our heroes?