Monday, July 25, 2011

FANDOM FEST: The Experience

Let me say this. The people were wonderful. Special shoutout to Bertina Varney author of The Lure of the Vampire who showed me the ropes of manning a vendor/author's table at a Con. And to Pamela Turner author of Deathsword for encouraging to take part of the Con experience. I was only able to make it to one of my scheduled panels on day 2 for one very important reason. THE SWELTERING HEAT INSIDE.

I plan on attending next year but only if they change the venue. With the heat index setting at 113 degrees outside and the ac not functioning correctly inside it made the place feel like a sauna. Forcing me to leave early the second day and not stay at all on the third!

But that being said, I did get some valuable networking done and met some really cool people along the way. Maurice Broadus was the moderator on the panel I sat on. He and Ian Harac were funny, witty, and down to Earth. Maurice is a brilliant writer but he doesn't cuff with attitude, or take himself too seriously. And there was a lot of that on my panel.

I've never been good with BS so when it started filling up the room it was hard to keep my feelings capped inside. I was also a newbie sitting up there so it became a little overwhelming. If weren't for Maurice I don't think I would have gotten a word in edgewise.

Here's what I learned from that panel, even if you are an erotica writer and an accomplished one at that pretentiousness doesn't look good on anybody. Writers, yes we can change the world but sometimes we're just making shit up so please, take the work seriously, not yourself.

Which brings me to Bertina Varney. She was the complete opposite of some of the writers on that panel. She is the master promoter. She exchanges promo for promo and as we melted at our tables we got to talking a lot on Friday. Which I was forced to leave at 7 because of the heat. But I'd been there since noon so I got a lot out of the Fest. I loved her. I plan on attending her A DAY OF MYSTICAL BLOODLUST in October in Lexington if things go right for me. But if you get the chance check her out at which is a non fiction book about everything vampires and she is the Examiner for True Blood. You can read everything about that at

As for Pamela links to her sites can be found in my sidebar. She did a wonderful job of exposing me to the Con experience and taking care of my things when I had to leave. She is a terrific writer and a fabulous friend. Check her out!

But I love Maurice Broadus for his honesty and candor about how to blog, as well as Ian's. Thank you gentlemen for showing me that it's okay to be different from the mainstream of what you do and still be successful.

Monday, July 18, 2011

On The Radio & Cowboys and Aliens

In a day and age where zombies seem to be what is hot in publishing and television (no offense, I'm just not good at telling those kinds of stories or even finding a spin I could fashion out of them) I find myself uber excited about the upcoming film Cowboys & Aliens.

Now, I'm a HUGE Daniel Craig fan and I'm sure that's a big part of it as well as a gigantic Jon Favreau fan as well. And of course I grew up on Star Wars and Harrison Ford as Hans Solo. Then there's the fact I did on aliens period. Scary or sexy. Hell I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record for a time back in the 1990's after I'd left college. So this movie seems tailor made for me.

But all that is besides the point. While the younger set is devouring Harry Potter (and don't get me wrong I love Harry Potter and greatly admire what the filmmakers have done to bring JK Rowlings vision to life) I did not cut my teeth on those kinds of stories. (That being said, I adore Rowling's personal story and how she overcame great odds and this kind of success could have happened to no one it seems nicer).

But I am salivating over Cowboys and Aliens. Everytime I see a trailer I get more and more excited. I told my friend we have to buy tickets to the show opening night and we have to get dinner out. She thinks I'm crazy. Fair enough. She also knows I know how crazy she is over NASCAR so we just compair it that way.

She recently sat in traffic to see the inagural Kentucky Motor Speedway Sprint Cup race. I'm going to be standing in line with crazy weekend crowds to see my movie. I hope I'm as happy as she was.

Also I will be on Kat Holmes' Writing Pen tonight at 6PM, tune in to hear about No Ordinary Love my Cowboys and Aliens inspired Sci-fi erotica tale. And much much more.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So what to talk about this Sunday morning? I was hoping to have some inspirational words about writing or some really cool things to say about (where I'll be this Friday-Sunday signing books and swag and giveaways! More on that later this week.) Okay so maybe I will talk about Fandom Fest today.

Want to know what I look like? Check out this page: Want to know what panels I'll be sitting on? Check out this one:

Throughout the weekend I will be sitting at my table and participating at the author signings. There is a fellow friend of mine that will be there, Pamela Turner also sitting on a panel and doing a reading from her book Death Sword. Fiona Young-Brown from MuseItUp Publishing will be there as well as Marianne (forgive me I can't remember your last name) from Savvy Authors.

Fandom Fest is being held in conjunction with the Fright Night Film Fest. The Literary guest of honor is Maurice Broadus and John Carpenter is being honored by the Film Fest. Fandom Fest has much to offer everyone , from writers to industry to fans. Stephen Zimmer and staff have put together a fantastic event. I hope to see you there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Print Isn't Dead Things Are Just Changing

To hear me ramble on at times you'd think I was a bombastic know it all. And let's face it, sometimes we all are. And the internet makes it so easy to be that way. I have taken two huge steps towards the oft' spoken about, rarely attained Holy Grail of publishing, the print contract. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one. The law of averages says even if I get one it will just get thrown out there to wither and die not because Publishers don't want my book to be a success, they just are going with the law of averages and are spending the big bucks on the BRAND authors.

I'm not a brand author. I'm a multi-published author. I'm a successful author. But I am not delusional. I am not a brand author. But I do live in a day and age where I have choices. And with three e-pub contracts under my belt and an active self-pubbing series I'm more attractive to an agent than I might have been before.

The climate of the publishing world is changing. And while I'd love to have a Harpercollins deal as a romance writer let me say this, my contract with small e-pubber Muse is fifteen points better than that company and my e-book isn't overpriced to the gills like theirs. I still think a full length novel should be 2.99 and my percentage should be more, but Muse is small. Things will change and considering what I get compared to 25% I'm happy. And 5.95 isn't a bad price for a novel.

I couldn't have found a better e-pubber. And I know my story will only sell for .99 cents a pop, but that's okay too. It's short and Lea knows her stuff. She has a vision for her company and I'm proud that some of my books have found a home with her and her company. She cares about her writers and she is very accessible. That fills in the gaps of some of the things I would prefer.

I've realized that things are in a state of flux. It's actually a very good time to be a an author. You have choices. I chose Muse they chose me. I'm choosing to self-pub a short sci-fi series. And this print dream. I think I might take it out for a test drive. Because you know, afterall, I have options.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bob Mayer Is Awesome and This Is Why

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm new to all of this. I pop off at the mouth sometimes. Let my emotions get the best of me. No I'm not a fan of the editing process, but I know it makes me a better writer in the long run. Yes I love my editor and Lea Schizas, she is the BOMB, THE BEST, she is pretty forward thinking when it comes to her company and doesn't rush anything which is why I see her house going far in this new age of  publishing.
She focuses on the author and creating a 'family' for them to exsist in. In fact I'm learning a lot from her.

Which brings me to another person who helped me land three contracts in as many months with tweets like 'Pitching the Johnny Cash Way'. I wouldn't even know the difference betwen brand and product if it weren't for him. He shares his thoughts and while he isn't the only source I look to he is certainly someone who has his finger on the pulse of the publishing industry these days.

There is one thing people should know about me. I've always wanted to be a published novelist. It seems I excel in the short form. I remember a time when I looked down on epub myself. Now I see it as a land filled with opportunities. That is due in no small part to several people (Pamela Turner, fear not, I have not forgotten you ;) But I have to admit, seeing Bob's success made me want to take the necessary steps to stake my own path to creative freedom and control I might not otherwise have.

I love MuseItUp Publishing and I certainly wouldn't have any idea what I was doing without them in the cover art and editing arena. (Although, I always had a good cover artist in Elise VanCise. Now I'm doubly blessed with Delilah K. Stephans. I have options that I didn't have before.)

So Bob Mayer is awesome because he shares his knowledge and views as someone who's lived it, breathed it, and done it. I liked the term he used the other day too, author-centric. Success may not be guaranteed, but how you define yourself and work for it says a great deal about who you are as a person. I believe I drank the indie kool-aid a long time ago. I've just finally embraced it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Evolution Of A Hero

I have tried to escape the Sci-fi Bounty Hunter Aries in one form of another for months to no avail. But ever since I saw this:

A sci-fi romance series was dying to be born. This is my second stab at it and I hope I get it right this time. Not as an erotica which No Ordinary Love was. That was a short piece. This guy is more than a sexual animal, although Aries is a sensual creature who practically drips sex whenever around a woman, or another half-breed such as himself, but buried deep in that hardened heart lies a protector.

And he will do anything to protect the half-breed Gemini he has bonded with.

Gemini is an innocent. Although enduring experimentation, poison injections, egg extraction, and other heinous acts upon her body she manages to escape and draw Aries to her aide there is no guarantee of either's survival.

Though bonded by a sacrifice on both their parts there's no guarantee love will bloom either. If it does not Gemini will die and Aries won't have his bounty hunter position to go back to. Betrayed by both their mothers and fathers kinds they must figure out who they can trust and which side to take.

Aries is the star of the show and hopefully this will turn into a series. For updates on their adventures keep an out both here and my upcoming Doves Publishing blog.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

When It's You vs. the Naysayers

Ever felt like this picture? That it's high noon and at one end of the street is you and the other end is your your inner editor or people who are whispering or down right shouting that you're making a mistake? I've gotten both supportive comments and negative comments when it comes to how I'm deciding to run my career. Sure there's that part of me which longs for a print contract  that while showcase my book in a store.
But folks here are the facts.

1. The last few times I've been to my favorite bookstore to work and have a coffee and a bagel the place has been DEAD. The most recent being yesterday on a Saturday for a few hours with my dad. Sure it was nice being able to grab a table easily. But at what cost in the long view?

2. The e-reader is here to stay and the revolution is on. Print may not be dead but there's less room for people like me. A newbie looking for her first print contract. Established writers with a strong sales record will scoop up that precious shelf space. Not that I couldn't continue looking for it. But I have to ask myself, what makes the most sense for a writer like me.

3. Should I go indie and just what does that entail for me?

In this case that's where the backlash and fear of the naysayers come in. I always wanted to be a contracted writer. I've made that dream come true with a little help from MuseItUp :). But now I want something different. I want to be indie. I think I have that attitude, if I'm doing a lot of work then I want more control.Now as for a publishing house Muse is great. Lea is wonderful and the percentage of royalty I get is fair. But it's that little c word that drives me. Of course it entails putting a team together and having them work as unit to make my books a success and there seems to be a feeling in the old school that this is all very unseemly. Well, I disagree.

I don't like the idea of me in a gunfight at the OK Corral. I prefer the vision of me sitting at my desk. Writing my brains out and creating a virtual bookshelf for people to enjoy.

I think the reality is people are scared because change is scary. And the advent of the e-reader brought about big changes. Hell, I'm choosing to travel down the indie road and it's scary to me.

So please print folks, there's no need to fear us epub and indie folks. There's no need to castigate us. Just as there's no need for us to thumb our noses at you. There's a lot to be learned from one another.

Until next time...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet My New Hero: Sci Fi Bounty Hunter ARIES

Meet Aries, a phaser slinging, hunting knife throwing, bounty hunting bad ass with a penchant for not giving a shit about anything except his next drink and his next job until he is thrust into a situation he never asked for.

In the first in a series we meet Aries, a half-breed, arriving on a L'vanthian slave ship to pick up his next orders when Gemini, a half-breed female slave making a break for freedom. Slick and fast he gives chase with the L'vanthian guard on both their heels. Once he corners her they realize they know one another, and against his better judgment he decides to help her escape her captors.
Yes I am obsessed with Daniel Craig. Even if he is married, hey isn't he an actor? I can't wait to see Cowboys and Aliens and even though ARIES is a Sci-Fi Romance it is about unfriendly aliens and the impact they are having on our planet.

I was just so excited about this story and when I saw this picture I had to share this little blurb with everyone.

Doves Publishing

Today the hunt begins. I am putting together my self-pub/indie pub imprint team, of course I am focused on the most important aspect of that at the moment, the penning of my books to launch the imprint, the Aries series, a Sci-Fi Romance/Fantasy Series with a half-breed L'vanthian bounty hunter for hire as the hero and Gemini, a half-breed female as the love interest as the heroine.

I'm looking for a cover artist, editor, and agent willing to work with me on method of payment. For those of you interested contact me at

That being said, right now I'm in the thick of writing the kick off book to the series in hopes of launching it. But this is the longview, sometimes I wonder if it's the smartest decision but I keep coming back to it and in my gut I know I really want it.

With the face of traditional publishing changing so fast with the advent of the e-reader technology I want to be forward thinking but taking one step at a time and not rush things. So right now I'm putting my feelers out for a team and am concentrating on the one thing I have the know how for--the writing of the novels!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fandom Fest, CampNaNo, and Prayers Needed

I have been blessed this year to say the least, with the writer's Holy Grail of a book contract with MuseItUpPublishing three times over I am in the position to push for the continued marketing of my brand and my product. Muse is an e-pub company building slowly towards something big. And I'm proud to say I'm a part of that. Lea Schizas is not only a wonderful publisher she's a fantastic editor. I may not always see eye to ey with her but I rest safe in the knowledge that she really does want the best for both me and my book. That being said I've been gearing for my first event as a Muse author at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY at the Fern Vally Conference Center ( Living seven miles from the county line and having been born and raised in the Derby City I'm excited to be a part of such a Literary friendly con which includes the only literary track of its magnitude at these sort of things.

On the table are things such e-pub, trends in the writing world, and of course science fiction. I will be sitting on a blogging panel in the morning and a putting the science in science fiction panel at night as well as manning an author table to meet and greet potential fans at this wonderful event. Including is a Fright Night Film Fest with John Carpenter, Edward Furlong, Linda Blair, and for those taking a trip down memory lane, the original members of the Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid.

They will have RPG, a masquerade ball, and VIP awards dinner honoring Carpenter and all the filmmakers. I for one can't wait as a writer and as a fan! The dates are July 22nd-24th and the place is the Fern Valley Conference Center in Louisville, KY. Come out and see me, I hope to see you!

Which brings me to CampNaNoWriMo. Day #6. I'm trucking along and of course a little more than 300 words from the days goal I am hopeful things go right for me this time out. Checkout out my nifty web badge for participating! I hope to get a t-shirt next month. My care package should be arriving soon. Woot! Thank you--you know who you are!

And finally I come to those who know Karen McGrath. She is an editor with MuseItUp. She is in bad health and is desperate need of your good thoughts and prayers as is her family. Please keep her and them in your thoughts.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome Marsha Lockom...

My interview with Kate, the heroine of my latest paranormal romance release, Sea Glass and Sand Memories by Marsha A. Moore
Hi Kate! Glad to have a chance to talk with you today. Make yourself at home and we’ll get started.
Kate: (looks cautiously around the room and then smiles as she takes a seat) Great to be interviewed. Thanks!
I want to ask you about your recent summer vacation destination, so our readers will have a first-hand idea of what to expect if they travel there. Why did you select the dunes area along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan for your vacation?
Kate: It felt comfortable. My family had taken many trips there together when I was a kid. I have wonderful memories. I wanted those warm thoughts to spill into my painting. My intention for the trip was to have some time alone to connect with my creative spirit.
Is that a quiet area or bustling and artsy? What fuels your muse?
Actually, a bit of both, a nice mix. The villages are filled with art galleries and interesting boutiques. Lots of visitors mingle to enjoy the creative, laid-back vibe. But, where I selected to stay, the resort, is quaint and quiet—perfect for introspection and connecting with nature. It’s on the beach with breathtaking views.
Did you get much painting done?
One really nice one with a really handsome guy I met in the scene. His name’s Anson. He posed as a fisherman, but really he’s…can I tell you a secret? (She looks through the window behind her.)
Sure. Do tell!
He’s a ghost. That was kind of creepy at first, but he needed a good friend to help him escape a mean witch who held him captive on the resort.
Oh my! What happened? Were you able to help him get free?
I really can’t say anything because that witch, Zandra, might make things hard for Anson.
Can you at least tell me if you had a good vacation?
I sure did! It was a great adventure…although, a bit scary at times!
Great! Thanks for telling our readers about it.

Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigan coastal resort, Kate finds much more than the picturesque dunes she intended to paint. Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple – a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During her stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the witch who killed him and then enslaved his spirit. That witch holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty, but is that enough to set him free?

Warning: This story contains paranormal sex, pagan abuse of a ghost spirit, nightmares, and happy family memories.

A loud knock on my door made us hush.
I held my breath.
I heard metal scraping, as though the door bolt slide open. A shadow moved across the rug in the main room.
My pulse rang in my ears.
Zandra stood in the bedroom doorway, her face ashen. “Lover, you and I have something to discuss. Leave her!” she commanded.
Anson gathered his clothes and left obediently. With only a chilling look cast at me, she turned and followed him.
What would she do to him? I dressed quickly and quietly, moving to a position under their sitting room window, listening to every noise. Soon, they argued.
“I own your soul,” Zandra pronounced.
“You possess me only by your black deeds.”
“You are my lover. What do you think you’re doing with that girl?”
“I will never love you.” His voice remained composed and assertive.
She declared, “Then, you will never love her.”
I rose up just enough to peer through a slat in the blind.
She stomped across the room, snatched an amber-colored bottle from a shelf, and yanked out the stopper. She turned toward Anson. Her face looked like a corpse, drawn and white. She proclaimed, “Captus anima!”
My mouth dropped open as his form vaporized into smoke sucked in by the bottle. When all his matter entered the vessel, she quickly replaced the stopper.
Her lips curled. “You will never love again.” Then, she looked directly at me.
Horrified, I dropped down. My heart thumped in my chest. Had she seen me? I waited. Nothing happened. Then I heard her footsteps, but they sounded from farther in the apartment. I crept back to my room. I sat on the floor, completely still, listening. Still nothing. A faint glow of dawn shone through the window. What should I do?

Links to Marsha and her books:

Monday, July 4, 2011

CampNaNoWriMo: Day #4

I'm home from my stay at Nolin Lake and ready Long car rides do that to me. That and an altered sleep cycle I tend to sleep all day and write all night. I wonder if I can have any caffeine because of the Abilify I'm on. I try to sleep at midnight or one o'clock in the morning and I'm up till three then awake at four thirty. Ahhh! Not exactly condusive to a healthy balance void of crash landings. I have to say, I'm happier now than I've been in a long time and the anxiety is at bay thanks to the new medication I'm on.

Which brings me to this, as tired as I am I'm ready for day four of CampNaNoWriMo. This is really my first bit of writing on the day and I find when I'm doing it everything else goes much, much smoother. 50,000 words seems so far away for me. I haven't climbed that mountain in over a year and that triumph was whittled down to a short three part novella. However, that piece is to be published in January and a short that I wrote in April is in need of revision before I get a contract and a Sci-fi erotica piece is settled to be published in October.

6800 words into CampNaNoWriMo life is good. I'm anxious as always but I think every writer has a bit of that. Some more so than others. I love the Office of Letters and Light and everything that they do. Sure they push hard on the fundraising which can be really annoying at times. But that's why it's free for people like me who can't afford say, RWA contests, and the prizes and peptalks are great fun. And for those who poo-poo NaNo (and I don't know many who do) I'd like to point to Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants fantastic success.

CampNaNoWriMo capitalizes on NaNo's greatest strengths and takes away one of November's biggest excuses. It's childlike abandon for fun and the fact it's in the middle of Summer Vacation for many who participate. So I encourage you to sign up in July, or August when they'll be running a second camp with an expanded set up.

In order for this to be free for many someone has to show faith and pay it forward. If you have a dollar checkout my sidebar where you can find Support CampNaNoWriMo. I get none of this money. I'm not bragging about NaNo for any other purpose than because I believe in what it does and what it supports. I hope you'll take the time to take a look at it too.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

CampNaNoWriMo: Day #3

Facing  a sleepless night and knowing that if I leave this post until morning I won't do diddly with it I figured I'd make use of my insomnia. It is officially Day 3 of CampNaNoWriMo and I am a day ahead in the word count. I didn't really know where I was going with the first three chapters of the story but hey, all first drafts are messy, right? That's part of the fun. But I think I found my groove and whose point of view it shout be from. woot!

Also I've been sending out invitations to friends to join me in my novelling adventure and others still like friends and family have been supporting me tremendously! Thank you Karen, Missy, and parents for all of your unique and fun ways of doing so.

But now I'm turning to my extended family, my writing family, and those who have been wonderful during this time of burnout, depression, and mania which can be a real pain in the butt.

I'm looking for people to sponsor me through camp. Yes, I'm asking for the dreaded M word. Money. But not much. Just a dollar. It goes to the Office of Letters and Light, the Non-Profit which puts on my favorite writing challenges of the year. NaNoWriMo, Scriptfrenzy, and now CampNaNoWriMo. I'm just asking for a dollar. And hey, I put my money where my mouth is, I donated what I could afford, $5 dollars. But 1 dollar goes a long way. I don't even care about the donor goodies.

The money goes to running all of these programs and the Young Writers Program which allows for the encouragement of youth to strap on their creative gear and be exposed to the love of writing. I know in this day and age even a dollar can be hard to come by so I know I'm asking a lot. But I've used this contest to get me through a lot of bad times emotionally and creatively and would love to give back. So if you can spare a dollar it would be greatly appreciated.

Follow this link, and for a few days I'll leave this post up and put the link in the side bar for those who come along during next thirty days. Thank you and I hope you don't feel like I'm prying open your wallet.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Has anyone here ever heard of National Novel Writing Month? NaNoWriMo is a rite of passage for any new or seasoned writer looking for a kick in the pants to bust their chops or blast them out of a creative rut they fear they may be stuck in. There are many imitators but no one comes close to duplicating what it is they do for me. (although I do have a soft place in my heart the 3Day Novel Contest). And now they have CampNaNoWriMo. A summer excursion version of what November holds! They even have a t-shirt and camp survival kit! Hey anyone who wants to sponsor me through the month of July to help support the nonprofit and cheer me on to a 50,000 word victory would be greatly appreciated. But if you just want to leave your comments here daily hey thatwould be nice too!

Let me explain, today is day two. I have yet to write word one on my manuscript. It is early yet, barely quarter to ten. I'm on a Fourth of July weekend vacation a Nolin Lake and enjoying the scenery the homecooking at the restaurant of the hotel I'm staying at and enjoying the company of my best friend.

Ahh, this is the life.

So in a way I'm camping. My aunt and uncle have a place down near the lake and many members of my family will be going out on the lake today. I will be doing battle with my mood and cranking out a little over 1600 words to stay on track with my challenge. And since first drafts are messy with chunks of brilliance lodged in there somewhere with stuff that well, I'll keep it clean here about I know eventually it will turn out okay.

So here I go marching off to take my medicine and work on my writing challenge and enjoy my writing retreat. Here's the music I'm listening to: Enya at And for those interested in the challenge I'm taking part in go to

Today's a good day. Hmmm, the smell of water and the view is wonderful.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Back On The Horse

Sometimes it's easy to forget why we blog. Everyone is different. I blog to deliver information and express myself. So hear recently I haven't been living up to my end of the bargain. To be honest I've been kind of burned out and struggling with my mood stability.

I don't really wish that on anyone. Sometimes it seems like I've been given a choice. Numbness of chaos. And I don't really care for either choice. The chaos makes it impossible to focus on what it is I'd like to write about and the numbness makes it seem like I can't access the emotions I need in order to enjoy what it is I'm writing about.

So where is the happy medium? I'm not sure really. Today is my first blog in what seems like weeks. And the reason I'm doing it is because I know if I do it everyday it will get easier. So I'm getting back up on the horse.

Now, that being said there have been a few other developments. My muse, Daniel Craig, had the nerve to up and marry LOL. For me, the less I know about my muse's private life generally the better off I am. Because once I learn things about their private life it makes it more difficult for me to project creatively onto the vessel. It happened with Maurice Benard and Russell Crowe for me (both fantastic muses for me) I just don't want it to happen right now. LOL I know I'm being silly but hey, we all have our movie star crushes. And Craig and Ryan Reynolds happen to be mine right now.

Another thing, it's the first day of CampNaNoWriMo! A summer version of the November event. Let me take a moment to say, I have been having a problem writing. I have s series of shorts I wrote. A novella and a three part book I've edited. But it is an epic love story I want. So I'm writing for the fun of it this summer in order to see if I can get that. So far Daniel is my hero but it's a very real possibility Ryan Reynolds could end up there.

Don't forget July 22-24th I'm going to be at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY at the Fern Valley Center! Hope to see you there!