Monday, July 18, 2011

On The Radio & Cowboys and Aliens

In a day and age where zombies seem to be what is hot in publishing and television (no offense, I'm just not good at telling those kinds of stories or even finding a spin I could fashion out of them) I find myself uber excited about the upcoming film Cowboys & Aliens.

Now, I'm a HUGE Daniel Craig fan and I'm sure that's a big part of it as well as a gigantic Jon Favreau fan as well. And of course I grew up on Star Wars and Harrison Ford as Hans Solo. Then there's the fact I did on aliens period. Scary or sexy. Hell I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record for a time back in the 1990's after I'd left college. So this movie seems tailor made for me.

But all that is besides the point. While the younger set is devouring Harry Potter (and don't get me wrong I love Harry Potter and greatly admire what the filmmakers have done to bring JK Rowlings vision to life) I did not cut my teeth on those kinds of stories. (That being said, I adore Rowling's personal story and how she overcame great odds and this kind of success could have happened to no one it seems nicer).

But I am salivating over Cowboys and Aliens. Everytime I see a trailer I get more and more excited. I told my friend we have to buy tickets to the show opening night and we have to get dinner out. She thinks I'm crazy. Fair enough. She also knows I know how crazy she is over NASCAR so we just compair it that way.

She recently sat in traffic to see the inagural Kentucky Motor Speedway Sprint Cup race. I'm going to be standing in line with crazy weekend crowds to see my movie. I hope I'm as happy as she was.

Also I will be on Kat Holmes' Writing Pen tonight at 6PM, tune in to hear about No Ordinary Love my Cowboys and Aliens inspired Sci-fi erotica tale. And much much more.


Ella Gray said...

I'm pretty frickin' excited about this movie, too. Daniel Craig looks just as good in grubby cowboy gear as he does in a tux. Yum!

Viviane Brentanos said...

I adore Daniel Craig. He made me love Bond again.

Cynthia said...

Daniel Craig, yeah, I'm there! I'm wondering about the plot of the movie though, but willing to see it for him.