Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet My New Hero: Sci Fi Bounty Hunter ARIES

Meet Aries, a phaser slinging, hunting knife throwing, bounty hunting bad ass with a penchant for not giving a shit about anything except his next drink and his next job until he is thrust into a situation he never asked for.

In the first in a series we meet Aries, a half-breed, arriving on a L'vanthian slave ship to pick up his next orders when Gemini, a half-breed female slave making a break for freedom. Slick and fast he gives chase with the L'vanthian guard on both their heels. Once he corners her they realize they know one another, and against his better judgment he decides to help her escape her captors.
Yes I am obsessed with Daniel Craig. Even if he is married, hey isn't he an actor? I can't wait to see Cowboys and Aliens and even though ARIES is a Sci-Fi Romance it is about unfriendly aliens and the impact they are having on our planet.

I was just so excited about this story and when I saw this picture I had to share this little blurb with everyone.

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Janice said...

Cowboys and Aliens looks like an exciting movie. I can't wait to see it too. :)