Friday, July 15, 2011

Print Isn't Dead Things Are Just Changing

To hear me ramble on at times you'd think I was a bombastic know it all. And let's face it, sometimes we all are. And the internet makes it so easy to be that way. I have taken two huge steps towards the oft' spoken about, rarely attained Holy Grail of publishing, the print contract. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one. The law of averages says even if I get one it will just get thrown out there to wither and die not because Publishers don't want my book to be a success, they just are going with the law of averages and are spending the big bucks on the BRAND authors.

I'm not a brand author. I'm a multi-published author. I'm a successful author. But I am not delusional. I am not a brand author. But I do live in a day and age where I have choices. And with three e-pub contracts under my belt and an active self-pubbing series I'm more attractive to an agent than I might have been before.

The climate of the publishing world is changing. And while I'd love to have a Harpercollins deal as a romance writer let me say this, my contract with small e-pubber Muse is fifteen points better than that company and my e-book isn't overpriced to the gills like theirs. I still think a full length novel should be 2.99 and my percentage should be more, but Muse is small. Things will change and considering what I get compared to 25% I'm happy. And 5.95 isn't a bad price for a novel.

I couldn't have found a better e-pubber. And I know my story will only sell for .99 cents a pop, but that's okay too. It's short and Lea knows her stuff. She has a vision for her company and I'm proud that some of my books have found a home with her and her company. She cares about her writers and she is very accessible. That fills in the gaps of some of the things I would prefer.

I've realized that things are in a state of flux. It's actually a very good time to be a an author. You have choices. I chose Muse they chose me. I'm choosing to self-pub a short sci-fi series. And this print dream. I think I might take it out for a test drive. Because you know, afterall, I have options.


Roseanne Dowell said...

I couldn't agree more. I think we'd all love to have that best seller print book. But I'm with you. I love it here at Muse.

Unknown said...

Amy--thank you, thank you! Sometimes I think I'm the only author out there who wants those prints! A best seller with a blockbuster publisher? That's on my bucket list, but being realistic, it's at the very bottom. I like my Kindle, but I LOVE a print book. I'm a visual person, and I love the colors of the cover, front and back, etc.
Yes, we have options and I wouldn't have eleven books out if it were not for six small press pubs who took my books--all in print except four, and one will definitely be soon,--the other three? Waiting for the publisher to bring it on board.
Nice thought--