Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome Marsha Lockom...

My interview with Kate, the heroine of my latest paranormal romance release, Sea Glass and Sand Memories by Marsha A. Moore
Hi Kate! Glad to have a chance to talk with you today. Make yourself at home and we’ll get started.
Kate: (looks cautiously around the room and then smiles as she takes a seat) Great to be interviewed. Thanks!
I want to ask you about your recent summer vacation destination, so our readers will have a first-hand idea of what to expect if they travel there. Why did you select the dunes area along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan for your vacation?
Kate: It felt comfortable. My family had taken many trips there together when I was a kid. I have wonderful memories. I wanted those warm thoughts to spill into my painting. My intention for the trip was to have some time alone to connect with my creative spirit.
Is that a quiet area or bustling and artsy? What fuels your muse?
Actually, a bit of both, a nice mix. The villages are filled with art galleries and interesting boutiques. Lots of visitors mingle to enjoy the creative, laid-back vibe. But, where I selected to stay, the resort, is quaint and quiet—perfect for introspection and connecting with nature. It’s on the beach with breathtaking views.
Did you get much painting done?
One really nice one with a really handsome guy I met in the scene. His name’s Anson. He posed as a fisherman, but really he’s…can I tell you a secret? (She looks through the window behind her.)
Sure. Do tell!
He’s a ghost. That was kind of creepy at first, but he needed a good friend to help him escape a mean witch who held him captive on the resort.
Oh my! What happened? Were you able to help him get free?
I really can’t say anything because that witch, Zandra, might make things hard for Anson.
Can you at least tell me if you had a good vacation?
I sure did! It was a great adventure…although, a bit scary at times!
Great! Thanks for telling our readers about it.

Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigan coastal resort, Kate finds much more than the picturesque dunes she intended to paint. Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple – a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During her stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the witch who killed him and then enslaved his spirit. That witch holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty, but is that enough to set him free?

Warning: This story contains paranormal sex, pagan abuse of a ghost spirit, nightmares, and happy family memories.

A loud knock on my door made us hush.
I held my breath.
I heard metal scraping, as though the door bolt slide open. A shadow moved across the rug in the main room.
My pulse rang in my ears.
Zandra stood in the bedroom doorway, her face ashen. “Lover, you and I have something to discuss. Leave her!” she commanded.
Anson gathered his clothes and left obediently. With only a chilling look cast at me, she turned and followed him.
What would she do to him? I dressed quickly and quietly, moving to a position under their sitting room window, listening to every noise. Soon, they argued.
“I own your soul,” Zandra pronounced.
“You possess me only by your black deeds.”
“You are my lover. What do you think you’re doing with that girl?”
“I will never love you.” His voice remained composed and assertive.
She declared, “Then, you will never love her.”
I rose up just enough to peer through a slat in the blind.
She stomped across the room, snatched an amber-colored bottle from a shelf, and yanked out the stopper. She turned toward Anson. Her face looked like a corpse, drawn and white. She proclaimed, “Captus anima!”
My mouth dropped open as his form vaporized into smoke sucked in by the bottle. When all his matter entered the vessel, she quickly replaced the stopper.
Her lips curled. “You will never love again.” Then, she looked directly at me.
Horrified, I dropped down. My heart thumped in my chest. Had she seen me? I waited. Nothing happened. Then I heard her footsteps, but they sounded from farther in the apartment. I crept back to my room. I sat on the floor, completely still, listening. Still nothing. A faint glow of dawn shone through the window. What should I do?

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Anonymous said...

Amy, nice interview with Kate. I'm looking forward to reading her story - Marsha's pretty pumped about getting Kate's story out to the rest of us. Me too - I'm looking forward to reading it.

Marsha A. Moore said...

Amy, thanks for hosting me today.

Kay Dee, thank you for visiting.

Nancy Bell said...

Nice interview, great to get to see Kate out interacting with us.As long as Zandra doesn't get wind of the fact Kate told Anson's secret. Marsha has gifted us with another magical story.


Marsha A. Moore said...

Thanks lots, Nancy!

Viviane Brentanos said...

Another winner from you, Marsha. keep up the good work