Friday, July 8, 2011

Doves Publishing

Today the hunt begins. I am putting together my self-pub/indie pub imprint team, of course I am focused on the most important aspect of that at the moment, the penning of my books to launch the imprint, the Aries series, a Sci-Fi Romance/Fantasy Series with a half-breed L'vanthian bounty hunter for hire as the hero and Gemini, a half-breed female as the love interest as the heroine.

I'm looking for a cover artist, editor, and agent willing to work with me on method of payment. For those of you interested contact me at

That being said, right now I'm in the thick of writing the kick off book to the series in hopes of launching it. But this is the longview, sometimes I wonder if it's the smartest decision but I keep coming back to it and in my gut I know I really want it.

With the face of traditional publishing changing so fast with the advent of the e-reader technology I want to be forward thinking but taking one step at a time and not rush things. So right now I'm putting my feelers out for a team and am concentrating on the one thing I have the know how for--the writing of the novels!

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Roseanne Dowell said...

Best of luck with your endeavor. I'm sure you'll find a worthwhile team.