Monday, July 11, 2011

Evolution Of A Hero

I have tried to escape the Sci-fi Bounty Hunter Aries in one form of another for months to no avail. But ever since I saw this:

A sci-fi romance series was dying to be born. This is my second stab at it and I hope I get it right this time. Not as an erotica which No Ordinary Love was. That was a short piece. This guy is more than a sexual animal, although Aries is a sensual creature who practically drips sex whenever around a woman, or another half-breed such as himself, but buried deep in that hardened heart lies a protector.

And he will do anything to protect the half-breed Gemini he has bonded with.

Gemini is an innocent. Although enduring experimentation, poison injections, egg extraction, and other heinous acts upon her body she manages to escape and draw Aries to her aide there is no guarantee of either's survival.

Though bonded by a sacrifice on both their parts there's no guarantee love will bloom either. If it does not Gemini will die and Aries won't have his bounty hunter position to go back to. Betrayed by both their mothers and fathers kinds they must figure out who they can trust and which side to take.

Aries is the star of the show and hopefully this will turn into a series. For updates on their adventures keep an out both here and my upcoming Doves Publishing blog.


Unknown said...

OMG, I totally want to read this, tell me when it's out!

Unknown said...

I'll keep this blog and my Doves Publishing blog up to date on the story and the publication date, as well as my official site If you'd like to read a rough first chapter, go to and look for amyleigh!