Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Champion

Every once in a great while everyone needs a champion for their Cause. They can't be bought. They're hard to come by and when you have one you should hang onto them for dear life because they're not likely to come by again in this lifetime.

Everyone has their story. Mine goes like this, May 2010, I write Another Way To Die. February 2011 I win my first contract for publication. In April of 2011 I win my second contract for publication of No Ordinary Love.

My editor for No Ordinary Love was Tanja Cilia. She was a dream to work for. She expects nothing less than my best and really, how else would I want it? In October/November I wrote Gladiator. She liked the story enough to champion my Cause to the publisher and agreed to work with me again. I worked with Lea on Another Way To Die and loved her too, and she makes the final decision but Tanja's vocalness towards my Cause no doubt put me over the top.

Why wouldn't I want to dedicate a blog post to her? She may not be a hero but she certainly is a champion. She's nominated at http://Critters.org/predpoll/ for best book editor. If you have a moment to spare won't you spare her a vote?


Unknown said...

Tanja's a champion for so many reasons. I applaud your decision, and thank you at the same time for featuring me on your other page today.

Tanja said...

I have just read this and tears are pouring down my face - really Amy, you humbled me - because I loved working with you and I am looking forward to doing it again -and again!

Unknown said...

Ginger, I felt like you had sent me what I needed and the others hadn't yet. Professionalism counts. Not that the others don't have it. You were promt and I'm still waiting on the others. Sandra I'm reading your book as we speak!

Unknown said...

Tanja, just think there are two more books in this series. I am more than happy to work with someone who liked working with me. I wondered if I was such a great catch given the storms hitting Kentucky at the time. I'm looking forward to it to.

gail roughton branan said...

Tanja has become -- one of the driving winds beneath my wings. Very, very special is our Maltese Falconess!