Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Real Tragedy Strikes...Christchurch & Japan

I recently did a tongue in cheek post about my computer crashing. That is an inconvenience. What's going on in Japan is what a real tragedy is all about. And while I'm on this subject, another scene not getting as much attention, Christchurch.

Christchurch did not receive as much attention, but is a place suffering the awesome consequences of an earthquake as well. Please do not brush this place from your thoughts and prayers simply perhaps it doesn't conjure up visions of End of Days quite like the tsunami and nuclear explosions and meltdown but on their day of crisis they ran out of emergency vehicles for the dead and injured. But I am going to focus on Japan.

I know sometimes that in the worst of circumstances people can come together and rally. I've seen it in my writer's blogs. But watching that tsunami in real time, then watching the nuclear reactor blow was enough to send chills up and down my spine. It's a startling realization that in reality that when we try to harness the more volatile elements of nature there is no guarantee that things are going to go our way.

God, the Universe, Energy, goddesses, or whatever you pray to or believe in has a funny way of exerting her or his authoritative voice and letting all of us know exactly who's in charge. All we can do now is pray. Donate food, water, time, clothes things of that nature. And I'm not just praying for the people of Japan who need it most of all, but for the world leaders and the leaders of Japan to work together to try and find an answer to the tragedy which has struck.


Tameka said...

You are on point with this. Those images were heartbreaking and chilling. All we can do is pray. I pray that there will be a day when there won't be a need to harness what God has given us in a negative light. We have no control over nature's wrath but we do have control over nuclear weaponry.

Nice blog! I will be stopping by more often. Cheers and blessings.

Roseanne Dowell said...

You're absolutely right. It's time our world leaders - heck it would be nice if our country's leaders- to come together. It's time for people to stop playing God and use what God provided for us and listen to what He's trying to tell us.

Bron said...

Thanks for the post. As a New Zealander knowing how bad Christchurch is (luckily we did not have a Tsunami)I cannot imagine the horror in Japan.
The nuclear power plant situation is absolutely terrible. Whole areas of Japan could be destroyed and uninhabitalble for years. This is the very reason I and most NZer's oppose nuclear power in NZ. We are so small, one disaster could destory our country.
I really feel for everyone in Japan, NZ and lets not forget China had a huge earthquake just before Japan. It seems the pacific plates are really moving.

Lin said...

I did a posting when Christchurch was hit on one of my blogs. I did not so much do a blog on Japan, but on Nature collectively at War.

No matter how brilliant mankind believes he is, Nature is the reason they need to have such brilliance...and ultimately Nature always holds back an ace or two to slam mankind when it becomes too arrogant to realize it is nothing more than an ant crawling around on Nature's skin.

Lorrie said...

Most of population of the world feel so safe, maybe even smug, I don't know. But in light of all the horrific tragedies that have occured over the past 10 years alone, it makes me wonder if these types of events are going to become more commonplace. What a scary thought. And I'm sure I heard right about the Earth moving on it's axis, or something shifting with this latest horrible event other than the plates. I find it strange we have not heard more about this. I pray for all the victims and families of these catastrophes past and present.
Maybe I should stop watching Sci-fi programs. Seems more of what they are showing is happening.

J Q Rose said...

The news said the island of Japan moved 8 feet closer to the US after the earthquake. That is powerful Nature. Last night as I watched the newscasts of unimaginable scenes of devastation, I thought it looked like a scene from a bad war B movie. Keeping them all in my prayers.