Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing Elise VanCise & Rose Wade

There are people whom I've been priviledged to meet along the way in my writing journey. Yesterday I chose to feature my publishing house and my Muse Sister Karen (thanks everyone for leaving a comment I hope those who didn't checked the Chaise Lounge out and the Muse links) but today I'm featuring ladies I met through a more unique avenue a fan group. So without further ado allow me to introduce my best phone friend Elise VanCise and her sister of the heart Rose Wade.

I met Elise through the yahoogroup Adrian's Angels. (If you're a fan of Adrian Paul I highly recommend you check this group out I was doing I dared everyone on the list to do it with me. Two people responded, only Elise actually did it. We started exchanging emails and pretty soon we were chatting on the phone. We became fast friends.

Not only that but let me tell ya' this girl is ubertalented--she's written and self-published three books, her most recent one, HALF, is being featured at the Lake County Book Festival where she is teaching a workshop on, what else? Writing a rough draft in thirty days. Not only is she a gifted writer she is a gifted graphics lady, I often hire her to do work for me. But I pinch every penny to do this. She doesn't charge thousands of dollars but with her kind of talent I believe she actually could. Most recently we worked together on a book trailer I'm in the process of securing the rights to, she has proven herself quite an editor as well. If you're looking to see some of her work samples check out,, and her blog And if you want to hire her she can be contacted through her Designs website.

Now let me tell you about Rose Wade, the other part of Elise's brain, her  Sis' of the heart. Rose, like Elise is a mother and a writer and an activist for her child. She is a brilliant writer, check out her blog Other Ways of Writing and activist and founder of the which campaigns for the use of legos to help the social development of children with autism open up to others. It's a beautiful campaign led by a wonderful and passionate woman about her child and other children.

They are at work on several writing projects and have even received recognition for some of their writing. Until next time, as Elise likes to say happy scribbles!

Elise likes dark chocolate, a man's man, and still like to color. :) She's a native Floridan addicted to weaving words, and capturing the moment with her camera as a writer/ photographer. She's a graduate of the American College of Journalism, Lake County Municiple Liason for NaNoWriMo and five time NaNoWriMo Winner. Mentioned in Who's Who of Women in Publishing and Writing, Featured author for the Lake County Festival of Reading in 2007, 2008 and 2011. 
The usual stuff first: Married to a wonderful man in the Air Force, mother to two children; a daughter who makes cool origami, and a son with Autism who can make practically anything out clay. The interesting stuff: Wade isn’t her real last name. It’s a pseudonym and one of those secrets that she won’t tell, lest she’d have to kill you. She loves dark chocolate, the scent of coffee (though she can’t actually drink it), and has a curious interest in bones and all things forensic. Once a high school dropout, she earned degrees in Criminal Justice, and Psychology while moving back and forth across the country wherever the Air Force decided to send her family. She hopes to find the time to put all of her art supplies to good use, win her 4th NaNoWriMo, and publish her first novel. In the meantime, she continues to work daily with her writing partner and sister in heart, Elise VanCise on several writing projects.



Pat Dale said...

Hi, Amy. Thanks for introducing us to your dear friends. They both sound like terrific people and are to be congratulated for their aggressive approach to life.
Its interesting that Rose is an Air Force wife. In my book SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY coming out next week, my heroine Ana had been the wife of a fighter pilot who'd died in an accident, and was accustomed to the wandering life of a military family.
So, does art imitate life, or is it the other way around? LOL
Thanks again for a fun read.
Pat Dale

Unknown said...

What amazing credentials these two have but the best credentials seem to be their support of someone I can feel in my senses is gonna hit some high successes beyond what she already has. You're a true artist Amy and these two validate what I already knew.

Thanks for sharing these two. I'll be checking them out.

Love ya!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I look forward to your posts in April! Great blog here. And isn't it wonderful to have friends who support us in our creative endeavors?


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

dropped by to see Karen's post and met two interesting ladies on the way.

Elise said...

:) Thank you Amy for posting about us and to all for your kind words. We're just following our passions :)