Friday, April 1, 2011

A is For Angel-Pamela Turner's Angel of Death Series

Let me tell you about my friend Pamela Turner. She is a terrific writer, a wonderful painter, and a powerful photographer who is prolific beyond imagination. And she has written the first book in the Angel of Death Series, an Urban Fantasy entitled Death Sword. It is available from Lyrical Press. It is an awesome read and is a refreshing change of pace from some other Angel books I've read in the same genre. So go, go now, and read Book One in the Angel of Death Series, Death Sword.

Now that I've finished with that. Allow me to tell you what it is about Pam that really makes her a fantastic person to know and why you should really check her work out.

I met Pam ten years ago when auditioning people for mine and my Producer's indie film that, unfortunately never got off the ground, 'Youre the Reason'. Fast forward two years, we were audtioning again, this time for 'Too Far From Texas' an experience I shall never forget and is a story for another time. And while she wasn't quite right for the role she was a multi-talented artist, she was also a director, cinematographer, WRITER, and EDITOR. So when our cinematographer left us for greener pastures, (honestly, I would have too), and our editor flaked out on us, she came to our rescue.

On that set we endured, power outages, lack of a/c during the hottest weather, and hurricane force winds and mutiny from part of the cast. Yet she trooped with us through it all to become one of my dearest friends.

In the ten years that have past she has also been there for me more than my family in many ways including sitting with me in the e/r when my meds have sickened me and when I thought I was experiencing a heart attack when they were nowhere to be found.

I like to say Pam is prickly, but if she lets you into her very private life she is a great person, an even better friend, and her work ethic inspires me to be my very best. You can find out more about her at: website!/pages/Pamela-Turner-Author/110336548987093  blog


Kat Duncan said...

Amy, you are so lucky to have Pam for a friend. (Hi Pam!) I already knew she was a great author because I read Death Sword and loved it. It is an excellent read even for readers new to urban fantasy and angels. Pam sounds like a person who doesn't let you down whether in her writing or in her personal life. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series...

Pat Dale said...

I love your exposition on Pam Turner if for no other reason than reinforcement that she truly is your good friend. Loyalty to one's friends is found far too seldom these days, and I think it's admirable for you to stand firm. No doubt both of you will be successful in the end because of that strength among other thingsl
Pat Dale

Elise said...

Hi Amy and Pam great to know more about you and your writing :)

If you would like please stop by

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you ladies have an awesome friendship - and it sounds like it's still growing and going strong. I like this story - it would make a great book.
Thanks for sharing your angel, Amy.
Kay Dee

J.Q. Rose said...

What a wonderful tribute to such a special friendship. Wish we could all have great friends like you two are to each other. It is true that friends can become closer to us than family. Best wishes!

Snakesmom said...

What a great way to start the challenge by featuring a wonderful friend and her work. I will have to check her book out, it sounds very interesting. :)

MM the Queen of English said...

Amy, it just took all day, but I finally convinced Blogspot to let me comment. You have a great blog. Come see mine at

MM the Queen of English

PamelaTurner said...

Hi Amy, thanks for the shout out. :-)

Waves at Kat. So glad you enjoyed Death Sword.

MM, I'm glad you were finally able to leave a comment.

Nice to meet everyone. Have a great weekend!