Sunday, April 10, 2011

I is for Intensity in Another Way To Die

My favorite stories whether they be film, books, or short stories are ones that contain a strong element of intensity. I like my heroes to brood, my heroines to be tough but vulnerable, and for the story to move at a fast clip. None of this mamsy pamsy crap. In real life it's okay for my men to cry and in my stories it's okay for my hero to show emotion but to bawl like a baby? Like I said in real life yes, in my stories oh hell no.

In Another Way To Die Daniel Logan is a mercenary. My best friend says I like that word but in all reality he's a hitman burned by life with little time for tenderness, but my heroine, Almira Sands brings it out in him. His emotion for her intense in every way.

Instense love and devotion evokes both the tenderness and murderous sides of him when it comes to her and it must say something about me that I like it that way lol. Their lovemaking is hot, intense, and unapologetically early on and frequent throughout the story. And when their quiet moments come along her confessions of pain earlier on in the story allow for him to admit his about painful experiences in his past.

Daniel Logan is my favorite of my heroes. He is brooding, tortured, dark, and waiting for the love of Almira Sands to redeem him. And while their is a brief moment of tears he is not a crybaby. A beta is good for a lifemate, an alpha is what I prefer in my books.

Almira is just as intense as Daniel. Abused off and on throughout her lifetime she doesn't sit around feeling sorry for herself. She is a survivor and how she has made it this far without being broke is a small miracle. And she too is waiting for the love of a strong man to help heal her shattered heart.

I am now at work on Numb, the second in the Lost Legacies Series. I love Almira and Daniel and some of the characters surrounding them. Another Way To Die is due out from January 2012. Come checkout #MuseBonella at and the continuing saga of the tragically misunderstood alter ego of our fearless leader.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Sounds like another one on my to buy list.

Anonymous said...

I love intensity in the stories I read also. It sounds like you have a great equation for making an awesome story. I'll look for it come January. Thanks for sharing, Amy.

J.Q. Rose said...

None of this mamsy pamsy crap.--LOL I'm with ya' on this! Can't wait to read your characters...

Misha Gerrick said...

Sounds like an awesome story. I actually had a post about girly (not in a good way) heroes on H-day.

So Another Way to Die sounds right up my alley. ^_^