Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for George Clooney

Why George Clooney? He's an actor. A hot, sexy, actor, but really, what does he have to do with writing? The man isn't 'just' an actor. He's probably the hardest working man in the business. And his role has changed over time. And through it all he has remained a class act with his friends, his fans, and his co-workers.

Back when I was first starting to write with my eventual best fried and Co-producer "er" was a hit and we were totally in love with Dr. Doug Ross, the bad boy peds surgeon with the heart of gold. During that time Missy and I decided to lose weight and train for a marathon. I was narrow minded and diligent, laser focused on training for the 1999 Walt Disney Marathon. Missy wanted to lose weight but the early morning training sessions were hard for her. She was not a morning person. I was.

We were both huge fans of George Clooney. Who wouldn't be, yummo. But one morning when things were really bad for Missy I got angry for her and tore off a fan letter to George Clooney telling him about how during her lifetime whenever things seemed their bleakest, there he would be on her television set. Almost like a guardian angel. And I let him know what she was going through at the time and  that I personally would never watch Batman & Robin on principle alone. I stuck it in the mail and didn't give it another thought.

The man has produced, directed, and acted in some of the best films during my lifetime. Missy and I bonded over multiple viewings of One Fine Day & From Dusk Till Dawn. Both underrated fims, not just because he's in them but because they're just damn good movies. Love me some Seth Gecko now. He's an Oscar winner, an activist who puts his money where his mouth is, and a loyal friend. He has famously said he would never get married and never have any kids. So what? At least you know what you're getting into when you get involved with him. Most guys just let you believe you can change them. I had boyfriend like that. Rest assured, I would have rather had Clooney. I'm sure the sex would have been much better. ;)

Well I was in a car wreck. The following day I checked the mail and the SASE I had sent in hopes of getting an autographed picture back for Missy had something in it that looked like a flyer. I was pissed. Until I got inside, opened the envelope and saw that he'd written her a short letter on two pieces of an er episode set to air later that month. It was a note of encouragement to Missy and the episode was about friendship.

So anytime I hear someone talk smack about George I let them know straight up, the man may not be perfect (because really, who is?) but he's a great guy and a class act the whole way.


Anonymous said...

I am probably the only female living that's not gaga over George. Richard Gere -- now we're talking?

After reading your post, though, I like George more than I did. It's nice to know that a celebrity is human, too.

MM the Queen of English

M.J. Fifield said...

I've been a George Clooney fan since his early days on ER. Glad to know he's worthy of my admiration.

Anonymous said...

George is my idea of the hero of my latest WIP, Admiral Hudson.

"Smouldering, sophisticated sexiness". That's George. And a nice guy, too.

Cindy Carroll said...

I've loved George Clooney since The Facts of Life! Now I like him even more. I love when actors are actually nice people.

Cindy's Life Write Now

KarenG said...

I'm a big fan! He is incredibly attractive, comes across as a nice guy but not too nice and a really good actor. Love George Clooney!

lionmother said...

Ah George Clooney! Yummy with a capital Y. He is probably one of my favorite actors and I've loved him since ER and then when he went into movies I have seen every movie he's ever done. Some of them I only saw because he was in them.:) I have always respected him for speaking out on issues that were important to him and I have heard such great stories about him personally. One Fine Day is my daughter and my go to movie.:) I am not surprised that he wrote that to your friend.That's the kind of guy he is.

By the way, are you alphabetizing according to Facebook with first names? Clooney begins with a C. Anyway, great post. It's a great idea to do the A-Z posts.

Nicole said...

George Clooney is the man! Talented, pleasant and attractive, what more could anyone want? You make me want to pop in my Ocean's Eleven DVD now, lol.

The Madlab Post