Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rider On The Storm

I don't know what letter I'm supposed to be on but between launching a new blog being caught in a car when a wall cloud formed and passed over head and being kept up by a weather pattern that started LAST TUESDAY, one which will not completely be out of here until next THURSDAY I am a bit behind on this blog.

Last Tuesday night got us started with an S curve signature squall line that produced at least 16 tornados touched down just in the Kentuckiana area alone. As I write this we've been placed under another Tornado Watch and more storms are headed this way. Rest assured there will most likely be a scene or two with a natural disaster taking place.

In this time I have gotten a bit of news. I was contacted by my content editor. Her words were ominous. Ever heard of the movie 'There Will Be Blood' try that on 100. She said I used words that made my work passive. And that we were going to go one chapter at a time. Like I needed to be spoon fed. She wasn't mean. She was just honest. Spell d-o-w-n-w-a-r-d s-p-i-r-a-l. Instead of going off and licking my wounds I asked her if she wanted my 3rd person draft. She read it, and when she came back with an email which reeked of utter relief, I was relieved. I didn't suck. I just had some hard work to do.

I'm not afraid of hard work. Of bloodshed. It's just a descent into madness I would like to avoid.

Thanks Lea and Joelle, you're the best.


Karen Cote said...

Sometimes Amy, when you write very, very well...people expect more...Embrace it. You'll be just fine... Q is for Quality. Remember the quality of a writer that you are.

Love ya!


Lin said...

Sweetie, you are already heads and shoulders above the norm. Lea wants to give you every opportunity to create the most powerful version of your story possible.

I have 12 contracts. Not all of them were snatched the first time.

In From The Cold is coming out in June. I began that story with the POV of Timp, the cat. I had to take all of Timp's thoughts and give them to the heroine, Mari. That hurt, but I understand NOW why it had to be.

I still managed in my Stationary Trailer to bring Timp back in front and center making her the narrator.

When you finish the final galley, go back and compare it to the original MS. You will be awed how sharper and more powerful your story is.

Muse is the best and Sweetie, you are a part of the best. We are all more than just a little bit lucky.

Anonymous said...

Glad you stayed safe during that crazy weather!
As for the MS - it's so hard when we get those edits and comments to maintain the thick skin to see how far we've come on this road.
Keep smiling, you're doing great!