Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lost Legacies

In the series I am writing I am in total lust with the man who inspired the character I love. I mean, who can blame me?

When I saw Daniel Craig emerge from those crystal blue waters cut like an adonis in blue Speedo trunks. Water glistening from his muscled body, eyes as blue as the water, one part confidence, two parts sex, and one hundred percent oo la la his take on James Bond was more brutal and dark straight from the start. He was what in romance parlance we writers call a rogue. And I me some rogues. And my lust born a desire in me to write my own romantic suspense "James Bond for girls" series.

Daniel Logan on the other hand is the character I am in love with and can't seem to get out of my system. Worn down by bad choices and experiences in life he often makes impulsive decisions in the name of someone else that don't always work out like he intends them too. And the woman he loves is Almira Sands. And he will do anything, including kill, in the name of protecting her from the forces that conspire to keep them apart.

In book one of the Lost Legacies, Another Way To Die, Almira is on the run from a past she can't seem to shake. And when Daniel kidnaps her she does everything she can help her escape from another baddie, Troy Adams, in hopes that he will free her. Instead she is wounded for her troubles and he is forced to decide, help her or continue on in his mission to find his daughter, Abagail.

I love Daniel Logan so much I'm adapting Another Way To Die to screenplay form and am hard at work on book two of the series, Numb. I'll be launching a new blog site dedicated wholly to the characters and stories of the Lost Legacies in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for it. Until then you can find me at,,!/pages/Amy-McCorkle/173811662670780 and here of course,

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Anonymous said...

I really liked Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. I still do. I'd like Daniel Craig even if he battled aliens in the old West. (His new movie)

Did you hear that Daniel Craig will star in another James Bond next year? Sony put up the money to finance the movie.

So, Amy, are you doing your happy dance?

MM the Queen of English