Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playing In the Sandbox

Today I would like to talk about playing in the sandbox with others. I have friends, treasured few whom I like to spend time with. Catch a movie with, dinner and a movie with, or even go to the bookstore with. My best friend is my screenwriting partner.

I wish I could say I'm super thick skinned and do not wince at the bruises people inflict or the sand that they throw in my eye. But I learned the hard way this weekend there are things more important than an eyeful of sand from someone you're playing with. But I have learned this. Think real hard before hitting that SEND button because you may not have the support of who you think you might.

My Aunt Debbie once told my sister Brandy that she ought to be careful of what she did and said to me because my ability to cut with my words was as bad as someone else's physical punch. So someone threw sand in my eye this weekend and I wrote one letter, thought better of it and opted not to send it. When I got back to my email it seemed it had been done again. Having survived two tornado warnings and a wall cloud (I have a diagnosed phobia of storms that aren't do to let up until tomorrow) in the last week I was fried and expecting more. And I just lost it.

After I cooled down I sent a missive off to someone who might have a vested interest in this situation and they suggested I send off an olive branch. I sent the olive branch off and even addressed the situation on the lists involved.

To the person involved, I am sorry I was less than professional about it. I just wish my skin was thicker. But to anyone who is going to repost someone's work, try approaching them offlist first, and a reaction like mine might never have happened to begin with. Again to the party involved, I'm sorry for the less than professional behavior.

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