Saturday, April 16, 2011

M is for Movies

I LURVE MOVIES. And I lurve all kinds of movies. But right now the Summer movie season is upon and I usually am less than excited about this time of year.

This is the time of year Hollywood trots out the tired old franchise's and beats the old sequel horse to death. But as I look out over the last days of Spring (movie season not actual Spring mind you) I see two movies I'd still like to see along with some others I know I must 'there' for come opening day.

First up for Spring. HANNA. A tale of a trained hitgirl going to take out the people who have been waiting to kill her, (or is it use her) upon her maturation. One review called it a tale of complicated daddies and wicked stepmothers. I think it's thriller gold and right up my alley and I'm dying to see it. This film is NOW PLAYING.

Then there's WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Based on the brilliant NaNoWriMo novel by Sara Gruen this novel has massive visual and emotional appeal and if the movie delivers on the trailer's promise of a fantastic movie It will be completely worth the price of admission. OPENS APRIL 22.

Then there are the heavy hitters: HARRY POTTER YEAR 7 PART 2 which has been descibed the movie as one that does. Not. Stop. If you asked me which movie series I preferred I'd say I liked this one over that other one that shall remain nameless. Especially at the risk of getting hatemail. I certainly got jumped at a conference for expressing this view, don't want a repeat situation on my hands.

THE GREEN HORNET. Ryan Reynolds. Peter Skaarsgard. Superheroes. Supervillians. Angst. True love. Did I mention Ryan Reynolds? I am soooo there.

X-MEN UNITED.  Hey I wanna go if only for the cast James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and who is that hot baddie playing Magneto?

And the one I've been waiting for since December of last year COWBOYS & ALIENS. Here we have the writers (Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) from the newly REBOOTED STAR TREK movie franchise working with the director of IRON MAN and the uber producers of Steven Speilberg and Ron Howard this looks fantastic. Of course what comes of it remains to be seen. Their take on the film is serious, void of any camp that the graphic novel is laden with. Did I mention DANIEL CRAIG and HARRISON FORD were in this potentional jauggernaut? It OPENS JULY 29.

Those are just the highlights. I'm sure I'll be checking in on the others like Super 8 from J.J. Abrams, One Day, and lots of others. Grab a bucket of popcorn buy that movie ticket and a coke and settle in and enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

Um. You mean Green Lantern, not Green Hornet. :)

Green Lantern should be very cool but I'm looking forward to Thor. I was a HUGE Thor fan when I was a kid.

I'm not looking forward to X-Men United as much because... I was a huge X-Men fan all the way back to the 60's when I was but a kid. And Fox has deviated too far from the source material. Instead of it being cool to see all these characters that I know and love in live-action, it's actually irritating because they've been changed so much.

Elise said...

This summer is going to be filled with some good ones. I'm looking forward to Johnny Depp's Rum Runners :)

nutschell said...

i'm looking forward to all these movies as well, but i'm probably goign to end up watching them once the A-Z challenge is over.