Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Cat' Lady in Full Effect

I bleed blue. No doubt about it. I am a Kentucky Wildcat fan. During the year I live and die by by every single shot 5 boys and their coach put up from November to however far they get into the tournament they get every year. So this year it was the Final 4.

And all I kept hearing was Kemba Walker this and Kemba Walker that. Really we contained him. And the vaunted Jeremy Lamb. It was just the three men in the black and white striped shirts and whistles in their mouths playing against Kentucky that seemed to be the nail in the coffin.

Not that Kentucky didn't have their opportunities. But two freshman mistakes and going cold from the field didn't help.

But all that being said allow me to say I loved my 'Cats this year. Even though they were inconsistent, and didn't gel until the end of the year and were, in all actuality the UNDERDOG in this fight. They were the FOUR seed, Uconn the THREE seed and from what I saw Kemba was no magic man.

The BEAST in this year's tournament was JOSH HARRELSON and his compatriot DEANDRE LIGGINS. DARIUS MILLER a vetran in his own right and helping provide leadership to the team.

And while last night's game is a bitter pill to swallow and the haters who will be on the band wagon I leave you with this video to explain why Kentucky's FOURTEENTH trip to the FINAL FOUR is just as an incredible a feat as if they had gone on to win an eighth title this weekend as it was they had beaten the Number 1 number 1 seed in Ohio State, an old nemisis in W. Va., and the Number 2 seed in North Carolina.

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