Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Harold Goodman

On December 23rd, 2010, one of the best people I had the priviledge to know passed from this Earth due to the perfect storm of unfortunate events and circumstances, some of which were preventable and some which were not. He was robbed of any time he had left with his family by arrogant doctors, insensitive nurses, and sloppy medical care. But I'm not spend any more time on that facet of his life. Today I am going to talk about why Harold Goodman was such a special person to me.

Often we meet people who alter our perception of the world for the better in a fast flash of light and rumble as an announcement of their presence. Harold wasn't like that. He had gravitas and if he wanted to rumble he could rumble with the best of him. But really he had this way growing on you that you couldn't deny.

Of Missy's family he was the one who opened the door to acceptance with the rest of them. Because let's face it. I'm unusual at best, weird if you don't understand where I'm going from and if you're a 'normal' person faced with an unusual girl well, you might not know what to do with one another at first glance. But when my family began their usual fare of well, knocking me down routine he always let me talk and he never said a bad word about my family.

He took care of his family. He called Jessica his baby, Shannon his favorite, Missy his number one, and his wife Neshea his everything. He was the typical dad in that he loved his children and the husband who would do anything for his wife. He and Missy would spend every Sunday watching the NASCAR races, Shannon and he loved motorcycles and loved to frequent the Harely Store, and to Jessica's young Jedi he was her Yoda.

They all miss him terribly. And funny, so do I, but even when my family makes me crazy, like they're doing today, I try to remember what a hole they would leave if they were suddenly gone.

Harold, you were my favorite outside of Missy of your family even though you thought I was weird. And thanks to you I have a relationship to your family I might not have otherwise had.


Nicole said...

I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best in peace and loving memories in this difficult time.

The Madlab Post

Anonymous said...

I understand your loss all too well. My mom died in March of last year. My aunt died in June.
Some holes are forever.

MM the Queen of English

Manzanita said...

So sorry for your loss and to Harold's family.
Wanna buy a duck