Saturday, March 5, 2011


Have you ever been so in love with your hero that you just couldn't let go of him? That his voice, his image, his fictional presence was so strong that you simply couldn't shake him? Even though you had never written a sequel or a trilogy in your LIFE that he was there saying your name, calling at to you, demanding that his story be continued because there was more to tell?

Well folks I have met my match and his name is Daniel Logan of the Lost Legacies Trilogy. And I am simply besotted with the man. He's tall, gorgeous, alpha, and complicated. He's a tender lover with rough edges only my heroine smooth over and in the first novel (recently contracted with MUSEITUP Publishing) ANOTHER WAY TO DIE he lived and died to save Almira Sands life. She had been through hell and needed a good man help put the pieces of her heart back together again. (Not that she couldn't sling a gun, drive like a bat out of hell, or save the day herself when called upon.) But along the way Daniel had secrets of his own, a missing daughter, an abusive mother, and a weak father who broke his soul into pieces. And he told me his story was to be told in NUMB.

Daniel Logan was born when I saw Casino Royale in September of 2009. I fell in love with Daniel Craig's James Bond and even though the ladies at Coyote Con were into as one of them put it 'heroin chic' I decided I preferred a man who was all alpha whose heart could be won over by a tough girl with just a touch of vulnerability. If I could call Daniel Craig and thank him for helping me win my first publishing contract I would...most likely sound like a blithering idiot LOL.

Not that heroin chic is bad, it's just not my taste. I need a hero who can handle my weirdness, my strangeness, and MY vulnerability. And trust me that's a tall order. Let me know what kind of hero you like to read, write, or go to the movies to see. I'm curious. Till then happy reading and happy scribbles. Here's a picture of my hero:


Pat Dale said...

Hi Amy,
Love the look of your blog. I agree with you on choice of 'the making of a hero'. Its harder to flesh out a tough alpha male who has enough sensitivity to be a good lover and possible life mate, but so much more rewarding than the plastic 'chic' types in vogue now.
I'm looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. Cheers,
Pat Dale

Pat McDermott said...

Part of the fun of being a writer is being able to custom design your very own hero. Yours sounds like a winner, Amy! I enjoyed your post.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Absolutely. I agree. A good hero will keep me reading long after a chic heroine.

lionmother said...

I totally agree with you, Amy. A good hunky hero will keep me reading even very dry material in hopes he might be there to rescue someone and sweep them off their feet. Yes, it is counter-feminist to think like this, but let's face it. Heroes are hot!!! A hot character will keep me reading. Actually, I'm having that same problem with a book I'm reading now. I lost interest until the hero showed up. Although I'm not so sure he's the hero. But as messed up as this character is, he has more character than any of the other male characters. So I think he's the hero.:)