Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Small Press

Contrary to popular belief I can’t make it rain when it comes to contracts. However, when it comes to the pitch and a synopsis I am one of heck of a pitch woman, and when it comes to finding a quality small press the pitch, and knowing what you want, is key.

I belong to three houses. MuseItUp Publishing, Hydra Publications, and Blackwyrm Publishing. One of them is a Canadian e-publisher, one is located in Madison, IN, and the other is in my hometown of Louisville, KY. They each offer me something different.

Muse taught me how to self-market and put me through a kind of marketing bootcamp. Between them and digicon of Savvy Authors I came out ready made to promote myself. 

Hydra gave me my first print book. That’s what I wanted. Hydra is in its infancy as a company and Frank has big ambitions for the company. I signed on for the print book though.

And finally Blackwyrm, they offer a unique set up. They cover marketing, cover, editing. The book breaks even you get 50% of the profit. You can ‘jump the stack’ by actively marketing yourself and your work. It’s more of a partnership and some may not like it, but I’ve seen some things that I really like about it and I knew what I was walking into.

Knowing what a small press can and can not do for you in key. Their budgets are not that of a traditional press and even theirs aren’t great for the unknowns. Keep that in mind. Authors have a daydream about what the Big 6 can do for them and while it does sometimes happen, it’s rare.

Now all of that being said I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. The small press rewards fast writers, fast learners, and those who can pitch extremely well, at least, that’s been my experience.

And in this in flux publishing world it would do people well to research their press they choose to go to very well. You don’t want to be ripped off. I’m not paying a single out of pocket cost to have my books published. And if you are, you’re in the wrong place.

As you travel this crazy world of writing and publishing remember, writing is art, publishing is a business. But that’s another lesson for another time.


Laura said...

Fascinating! I'd never thought of being with more than one press- great post, thanks

festival8 said...

Each one gives me something the other doesn't. I'm quite happy with all of them.