Sunday, February 20, 2011

DigiCon Rocks the Present and Embraces the Future/Contest

As DigiCon comes to an end today allow me to just say a big THANK YOU to writing conference host Savvy Authors for bringing in some of the biggest names and some of the most unsung heroes of the publishing industry. I have learned lots, made some new friends, (probably alienated some with my uncharacteristic outburst over the show LOST, sorry ladies, I am a total Lostie and have been known to lose my head over that show lol. No disrespect intended.) and made some invaluable connections, pitched my brains out and gotten more requests for my work than I ever have in the past and all because of some info I had gotten from Bob Mayer from Twitter over a year ago. (He was a guest at DigiCon too, if I didn't love him before, I adore him now!)

The message of the conference was clear: the e-revolution was here and you can either embrace it or fight against the current. Not that print is dead, but with Borders filing for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy and Barnes & Noble depending heavily on its e-book sales and its future uncertain, shelf space is going to be at a premium and that leaves unknown writers like me out in the cold unless they take a long hard look at where they stand in the publishing world and its landscape.

E-publishing has been around since, well, since Ellora's Cave pioneered the way showing people it's a viable way to do business close to ten years ago. Around that time the publishing industry was changing. And thanks to Bob's no bullshit approach to teaching he said those of us at the conference taking his class were ahead of the curve. Because like everything else, eventually the market was going to reach saturation levels, and things which were difficult now would just be harder then.

If you aren't a member of Savvy Authors now go register at least as a Basic Member. Everything was free this week! They will be putting transcripts and recordings of everything they offered at DigiCon on the site for use. You can register for the last class and final chat and raffle. They're giving away craft books, promotional books, & writers have donated their work as well to be given away. Premium Membership at Savvy Authors is optional but they are a year round site that offers loads to both Basic and & Premium members. So sign up.

In honor of my good time at DigiCon I will be hosting a contest this week. Who is your muse(s) and why? Winner will get receive a mystery writer's gift bag. Remember post early and post often :)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a fab con!!! So glad I met you too!

My muse--ghosts. They tell me their stories, and they understand that I have to change things around for a fiction world. They're fine with that. A female lighthouse keeper who burned to death inspired book 1 of my Lighthouse Mystery series.

Great post about Savvy! Totally worth the $.

Meg Mims

Kim Bowman Author said...

I didn't participate in digicon as much as I wanted since my book released last week so there was all the marketing, galleys, etc to get finalized, but I loved reading the emails and seeing all the wonderful things going on!!

My muse is my spirit guide. I love the thought of someone watching over me and being my "inner voice" to help me make the right decisions. Soooo, I created Zanna in my new book Wayward Soul.

I'm interested in your writing challenge but I don't know much about them, so any information is appreciated!! Good Luck with your book and blog!


festival8 said...

Kim the information on the writing contest is a new entry from today. It tells you everything you need to know. You both have wonderful and unexpected answers. I hope more answers come in or I'll just have to send out 2 writer's gift bags.

Elise said...

My muse comes from different sources it can be a person, a thing, a building. St. Augustine, Florida was the muse for my first book In the Dark. I've even been inspired by an old rusty shed :)