Friday, February 25, 2011

Scriptfrenzy Mania-It's An ML!!!

I am proud to say that for this Scriptfrenzy Season I am the Louisville/Bullitt County Region's Municipal Liason aka ML!

Honestly this Region always shows poorly during this time. I don't think it's because there aren't people who aspire to be great comic book writers or teleplay scribes or Oscar winners but something has to be done to bring the people out in April. You're often competing for people's time which is so limited. There are people who go to school both High School and College. Some are even going for their Masters and their Doctorates. Yes there's a bit of a movie lover in all of us. Of course there is that other category: the Scriptfrenzy Rebel.

Yes. One hundred pages. But of what? Perhaps short stories are more your thing. A memoir maybe? Or yes, even a novel or 100 poems. Scriptfrenzy is for that dreamer in all of us who ever dared to dream of writing one day for a living..

I am proud to announce two dates have been declared official for my region so far: Saturday March 26th, the Kick Off Party at the Hurstbourne Rave Movie Theatre in Louisville,KY! And the Wrap Party in the Meeting Room at the Ridgeway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville, KY on Saturday April 30th from 1-4! Deets to come in the Regional Forum at  Till then, keep on keepin' on.

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