Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding Your True Voice

I'm currently in the editing process and my editor, the beautiful Lea told me and I quote, the next time you have one of your flashes, flush it down the toilet :D I had the flash because she told me she felt I was more comfortable in the short form. Which for No Ordinary Love which seems to keep coming to me in short chunk flashes would seem to bear her out. It was a long private conversation which I will not broadcast here where she held my hand and I have to say she is absolutely right. She is a wonderful mentor. And I couldn't have asked for a better place to land for the work I want to publish traditionally. As for all of you who frown on epub you know what they say, all aboard or get left behind. Sure the big names have shelf space but those of us just breaking in or are midlisters need any advantage we can get. I like epub and feel that the house I'm at MuseItUpPublishing is a great place to be.

I'm currently working on Another Way To Die. She told me to make it extra long but I'm feeling the beat at 3,000+ words. But I fear D's wrath if I don't find something to push the story a little longer but I'm going to try. Hopefully it works actually I do think I have a little something. And it will allow me to introduce a character I really like a little bit earlier than anticipated. YAY! Well I'm off to work. Ta ta for now.

And GO SEE X-MEN F.C. the movie is awesome. Macavoy and Fassenbender are not only yummy to behold, they give terrific performances.

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