Sunday, October 23, 2011

My First Realease: No Ordinary Love

I know I haven't been on in a while but I've been writing getting rejections and writing some more. Ah, yes, the life of a writer. Well on a brighter note next this Friday I am about to have an auspicious celebration, but first publication date. It's not what I typically write, but then I write a lot of stuff so typical is well, a stupid catch all phrase in this case, what I mean is that it's not my usual genre.

No Ordinary Love tells the story of James, a half-breed Capturian alien, and Caliope a human rebel. Brought together by outside forces they fall in love. Torn apart by the war No Ordinary Love brings them together once again to bring forth what may be the Earth's only hope. Their daughter Destiny.

The time I've been away from my blog I've been recharging my batteries so to speak. Somewhat burned out I've been running and walking and preparing for the Thanksgiving Day 5 miler. In which I will get to run up a mile long hill as part of the race. Of course I've tweaked my knee in the process. I was going to do the the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon but I am only on track to do an 18 minute mile as opposed to a 15 minute mile. I've taken 13 minutes off my mile and lost 34 pounds so I feel good about that but am very disappointed that I missed my goal of the half  marathon. But there's always April and the KDF Mini. Another half marathon held in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby Festival.

My book is set to be released this Friday at Muse It Up Publishing and other vendors so be on the lookout for it. I hope you'll enjoy a little sci-fi erotica and have a good time. After all I hope to have the opportunity to write more for you in the future.

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