Monday, October 31, 2011

The Night Before NaNo...

Tonight, as I settle in for cheeseburgers, candy and GHOST HUNTERS LIVE I am also itching to get going on NaNoWriMo. The tale I've got to tell wasn't chosen because it's the next big thing, although it seems like agents are asking for post apocalyptic tales a lot these days. And it's not just because I saw a gladiator style romance on the racks at Kroger either.

I have been desperately searching for the idea that would fuel my create fire for 30 straight days and lead me to the promised land of 50,000 words. But finding the characters and setting for a story is a little like falling in love as opposed to baking a cake where you have all the ingredients follow the directions and poof you have a cake.

Sometimes love happens instantly but sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's a combination of things with that one extra something that makes you know you're on to something. I think sometimes we as writers sound full of ourselves trying to make sense of something that defies logic. Writing is not a logical process (cake) it's an emotional one (falling in love).

And when I read the synopsis for the YA Legend in Writer's Digest  about a futuristic earth where a young girl prodigy uses her skills to hunt down a child criminal magic happened and GLADIATOR was born.

Set in a post apocalyptic future where men and women are treated and forced to fight like gladiators of yore GLADIATOR tells the story of Tristan Shane a man who witnessed the murder of his wife and is forced to deal with the loss of his children by fighting weekly in the Royal Arena for his life and the entertainment of the court and mob which remains of the United States population. Favored by the Queen he is asked to first gain the trust of a suspected Healer and then murder her. When he refuses well, that's what the book is about and I'm a pantster so I won't know anything else until 12:01.

Until then I will be enjoying Ghost Hunters Live and supper of cheeseburgers. Happy NaNoing!

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