Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Adventure Begins...

I thought I'd pop in and say hello before I get to the serious fun of NaNoWriMo and GLADIATOR. Notice the mock-up cover and nifty banner at the bottom of my blog. Natch. Twitter won't take big files and well, it seems I can't figure out how to work photobucket so I'm a little fubared on that, but I really wanted everyone to see the beautimous work Elise VanCise did for me. She is also an author.

It is hard as I set on this little 30 day voyage not to see Russell Crowe's Maximus as my hero so my profile pic may change for the month. I try to see Daniel Craig as a Gladiator and if I weren't constantly hearing the score with dialogue from the movie I think it would be much easier. But as it stands I am I do and I've been in love with that kind of hero for a long time. Gladiator was epic and would not have been the movie it was without Russell's sturdy shoulders to set upon. So even as I struggle to see Daniel, it is Russell who rides to my Healer's rescue. And she to his.

So I've been tweeting and blogging and reading my email and trying to get back into the swing of things online given I burnt myself on several issues which, in the name of keeping my butt covered here in RL will say nothing further on. Suffice it to say, when I think about my childhood it is painful and when I see sisters who are close I suppose I envy them.

But I take comfort in the fact I have my imaginary friends ;) lol and my best friend and close friends to keep me sane. And of course the cups of coffee and action packed sex filled story to keep me entertained. Still looking for comments this week. Leave one with any of the blogs and win a copy of No Ordinary Love! Tell me about your NaNo and who inspires your hero or what was the straw that stirred the drink to bring your idea to its synergistic moment?

As NASCAR said this year-- Have At It Boys! (And Girls...)


Unknown said...

Who sums up my hero? Gerard Butler...accent and all.

He'll be in the forefront of my mind the entire month. Life is so hard.

Author of Concilium, available July 2012
Concilium: The Departure, November 2012


Unknown said...

Gotta love Gerard Butler, he's dirty hot mmmmm. I know life is so hard sometimes LOL.