Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Writing Of No Ordinary Love

By the grace of my Higher Power I currently have an e-book released from Muse It Up Publishing. When someone who had read it said it was a good book I got incredibly embarrassed. I couldn't take the compliment. The process of writing for me is a personal one and while I love to do it and I want people to read it I wasn't prepared for someone to actually tell me they had read it.

The process was simple. I saw a trailer for Cowboys & Aliens and I got the idea to write a sci-fi erotica with a half-breed human/alien that looked a whole heck of a lot like Daniel Craig. And while like I said I want people to read it and like it it's almost as if people are taking a look inside my head and soul and that is hard.

When I sat down to write it it was like a story clamoring to get out of my head and onto paper. In some ways I wish I could tell the people who inspired it. But then the content is pretty hot and like I said it would either embarrass me or if they looked down on it would break my heart so exposing myself like that would be a dicey proposition.

I'm still looking for desitheblonde to give them their free copy of No Ordinary Love as the winner of last week's contest.

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