Monday, November 28, 2011

A Pot Of Coffee & A Hero

It's often I wake up in the morning not sure what the hell it is I'm going to write about for the blog. So what's with this pot of coffee and a hero all about? Well, on the best of mornings I wake up and I have some idea of where I'm going, maybe not a road map but an emotional hook that lets me know of how great things can be if I just get out of the way when my Muse is clicking.

I do best when the emotional hook is dark and intense and I can feel what the characters are feeling. When the world falls away and I'm in the zone it's the greatest experience in the world. The icing on the cake is when the publisher or agent says yes, but the real joy comes in that first flush of creation. You're getting to know the characters and everything around them. Sure there are corrections to be made and rewrites to be done but all of that comes later.

For now you're falling in love and having adventures along with your characters and you don't have to worry about that boring thing called life;) lol. Well, not too boring.

My current story is steeped in a gritty real life tale. It tells the story of Starr Elizabeth and Jack Harris and how they're getting through the night of the execution of the man who brought them together in the first place, her father Stan.

Jack is former FBI Agent and Starr is a singer trying to get by. Here's a picture of Jack Harris:
I know life as we know it just wouldn't be the same without a Daniel Craig hero would it?

Well the coffee seems to be ready. Stay tuned, maybe I'll post a little of SET FIRE TO THE RAIN tomorrow. It's not an erotica piece so it would be more appropriate for general audiences.

Until then, as my friend Elise VanCise would say, happy scribbles.


Michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean about being in the "zone" with your characters and story. I call it my writing bubble. I'm shut off from the real world and am experiencing the world as my character. It's the best way to write.

Your book sounds very intriguing - the execution of the father that brought them together. There's gotta be a great story behind that!

Author of Concilium, available July 2012
Concilium: The Departure, November 2012

festival8 said...

Thank you I hate writing shorts, but it seems I like the intensity it allows for. *sigh

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel said...

Quite perfect photo of your hero! I made a character chart with photos and bio for all my characters in my current Nano novel. It sure helped to picture them. They are so real to me now. I do the character bio/photo for all my books. Helps me get into their head better. It's probably the eyes, you know the eyes get you every time. Oh, and the smile. Okay, I should stop now.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

The Zone, The Zone, that enviable Zone. And the perfect prototype to focus on.