Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halfway There...

After all the coffee and all the writing I have come to what is known as a magical land of the 20,000's. I have come to the point where things are going to get a little bit rough for a little while. But so far I'm good. I know the wall is coming but let me tell you I'm having a great time and am happy for the first time in months. Now part of that is the bipolar disorder and part of it was all the rejection letters I got. But thanks to my best good friend Missy who partner with me on  BECAUSE OF YOU, a gangster/political romance featuring four leads. No not an erotica, just two lead couples.  I was able to break the twenty-thousand word block and get some well meaning words not meant to be taken the way I took them out of my head.

Co-writing is bitch. And our first project is super dark. The hero and heroine die, the children witness their father's death and one is almost killed while the villain has a sick fascination with the other. It's meant to be a trilogy where the children find true love and get vengeance in the end. Right project wrong company. There's problems with it I'm sure particularly violent unhappy ending, but I'll take another look at it then send it out again, it's the nature of the beast.

That being said I love the home of my first two stories and the people in it. My editors were fantastic, Tanja, Greta, Lea kisses to you all. And the supportive community within the house is just lovely. Karen Cote, a real sweetheart and one of the best people I know. 

I'm looking at the editors call for submissions and MuseItUp's home page and realize, quite sadly, that Gladiator probably isn't destined to be there. But Muse gave me my first publication credits and contracts. And for that I'll always be grateful. 

But now it seems that the #NaNo Gods are calling me to write. A quick shoutout to Muse It Up's booksigning at Zellers in Montreal yesterday and landing in Amazon's top 20!

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