Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breaking Bread

Spending this morning smelling the green beans cooking away lets me know that yes it is indeed Thanksgiving and that a delicious, yet long day lays ahead of me. I find my family on days like these makes me yearn for those perfect days of peace and tranquility. But let's get real those pictures of those families for some of us are few and far between and our circle of friends and family that we can trust and love are smaller. That being said I am very grateful for the last year.

This last year I became a published author of fiction for the first time thanks to and with my books No Ordinary Love and Another Way To Die. For that I would like to give thanks. 

And even though they make me batshit crazy at times I'll give my family a shoutout. Because I'm certainly going to be eating like a mad dog at the meal we all had a hand in preparation of. My friend in the cheesecake, me in the green beans, my Dad(John) in the turkey and cornbread stuffing and everyone else for sure.

To my best friend for her support when I went through my doubts as a writer. Yes I know I got published but  sometimes the doubt can plague you in the best of times. To my other friends you know who you are for your support as well.

To my heroes just for being who they are. I know you all are just human but you represent the dream and that is invaluable.

And finally to those who aren't with us anymore I wish you were here with us because it simply isn't the same without you.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And when you sit down to break bread try to enjoy the holiday and that it is about progress not perfection. But if you happen to a Roseanne style Thanksgiving remember, you're in the majority after all and that the Turkey will indeed make it all better LOL.


Unknown said...

Yes. It is about progress, not perfection. Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting :)

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by you're both in the running for a copy of No Ordinary Love. Woot!

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Amy! Hope you have a fabulous day. I already own a copy of No Ordinary Love so don't include me.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Well put, Amy. Those dysfunctional and/or frantic holidays are as prescious as the quiet hours we crave.