Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have it on good authority that I missed one helluva party and good time in Montreal with my fellow Musers. Well I don't want that to happen this year. So I'm going to start a campaign on this blog because should I go next year I'm going to need a date to the dinner.

So who should I take? Well if I come it will be because the gods smiled upon me and helped me to manage my finances. Living on disability and trying to breakthrough with my books isn't always the easiest path but it is the one I've chosen.

I don't exactly live in a literary hotbed, but people around here do love to read. But it's usually women who love to read my books. But if I could take anyone? I think the choices are endless if I were fantasizing. There's Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe. All of them would be nice LOL, as if any of them would have the time of day for a nobody like me. Especially since most of them are involved with to die for gorgeous women.

And well, they haven't got the first clue I even exist ;) LOL. But if I were going to actively campaign for an escort to the MUSE GALA AWARDS next year in Montreal I would invite both this man and his wife. If only because it is EXTREMELY TACKY to hit on a married man. So I'm creating a page here where I will explain the advantages of escorting a lowly writer to her publishing house's award ceremony! There will be videos, both music and comical expressing how I feel. I will also make them available on YOUTUBE. So
Daniel Craig, prepare to be pitched.

And to be clear people this is the man I'm talking about.

Have fun folks!

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