Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Tristan Shane of GLADIATOR

Whenever NaNoWriMo comes along there is always that first full on flush of love for your characters. Because I'm a pantster and feel my way through a story structure is not always my strong suit. But NaNo isn't about structure. You're structure can be crap and you can still have a great story. Because I believe in my heart of hearts story will always trump structure. Even if it's only because you can have no structure without a story to hang it on.

For me it's all about the characters. And can I fall in love with them. And I am in full love mode for Tristan Shane. GLADIATOR isn't my first stab at erotica my first one a short tale is available for $2.50, just click on the image of No Ordinary Love (cover art by the lovely Delilah Stephans) the GLADIATOR cover was done for NaNo for me by Elise VanCise. Thank you ladies.

But I am totally enthralled by Tristan kind of this meets this
Set in post apocalyptic future. Lots of sword fighting, gun fighting and hot and steamy lovemaking. Daniel Craig is my model du jour these days and I make no apologies for it but if you were to say, see this guy:
I think it perfectly okay because that was how I fell in love with the idea of a gladiator eleven years ago. Tasty treats either one. So, remember don't get to hung up on making your manuscript perfect that first go around. You like gun fights? Write one. Like action sequences and coarse language? Write that too. There's no one who's going to punish you. Like sex scenes those are nice page fillers. Want to push the envelope like the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo write it. But be prepared to fight tooth and nail for it. Getting it through the publisher's gates is just the beginning of that fight. But as a wonderful blog by Jim Butcher said, this ain't no free lunch. If you want a complete NaNo novel by the 30th of November it's not going to write itself.

Now stop reading this blog and get back to typing away on your manuscript.

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Unknown said...

I couldn't get Russel Crowe's face out of my mind when I read your teaser. Very, very nice. I think your NaNo work is going to be great when it's done. :)

Author of Concilium, available July 2012
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