Thursday, November 10, 2011

From 25K to 35K

The sprint has slowed considerably and the fact I am a bit adrift at this point should really come as no surprise. Whenever I make it to this point I feel crispy and burnt and like I have no gas left. Some suggest padding my book with song lyrics and the like while that is a tried and true NaNo tip and trick I find that it doesn't really work for me.

I am at the 30K mark. Things usually get better for me around the 35K mark and since I'm at the 30,730 mark exactly one could say my agony is to be short lived. I should hope so. But it never really gets any easier at this point. I just have to trudge through it and hope 35K will bring relief.

Right now I have taken care of a bit of promo for No Ordinary Love and put on a pot of coffee. I also have a book signing later on tonight which is exciting. The really cool part is that I'm doing it in conjunction with my friend Pamela Turner who also has a book out, Deathsword. Checkout both of these stories and maybe when I get passed the concrete I'll share a little bit more of GLADIATOR. :)

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