Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Gladiator Chronicles

Still feeling my way about on this a bit on this second story. The rebel is the girl and I think it''s going to be told from her point of view. But then I'm still hung up on my Gladiator, Tristan Shane, aka Daniel Craig and the cover of EW with him looking all kinds of dirty hot make it difficult to make me forget him. But I'm writing in a way that it would make all kinds of wrong to think of him as the hero.

So who should my hero be?

I think it has to be Russell, he's my type, the brooding, emotional, Alpha who can take command. I've yet to see Ryan brood. Sorry ladies have to kick Ryan to the curb and call Russell to the major league it's the only way I can fantasize enough to get into character.

Or maybe I place the Chronicles on the back burner and write a dark thriller. Hmmm we'll see, the cover of EW really has thrown me into a tailspin. Maybe book two of the Lost Legacies is in order.

Although if I write book 2 the female lead from the first book may die at the beginning, or not. Who knows. There's also No Ordinary Love.

It's official I'm stalling and the cover of EW with Daniel Craig and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have me distracted. Maybe a gritty noir-ish erotica is in order. Oh well, we shall see we shall see.

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